Mated to the Dragon Twins
Mated to the Dragon Twins
Author: DragonQueen

Chapter One

I was woken from a deep sleep, with the sounds of crashing and yelling coming from somewhere in the house. 

Groaning and trying to muffle the noise out, I shove my head under her pillow, hoping the noise would go away, but alas luck was never on my side.

Rolling over, I reach for the clock on my nightstand, it flashed letting me know it's 6-am. Deciding I probably wasn't going to get back to sleep, I slide out of bed padding over to the bathroom to do my normal routine. 

Splashing some water on my face and looking back at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, my eyes scanning the bruises across my face that my brother Cole had so graciously gifted to me.

I finish up and dry my face with the towel before putting it into the hamper and walking back out into my bedroom. As I close the bathroom door and pad over to my closet, the door to my room flies open smashing into the wall beside it.

I startle back into the room and the sight of my brother filling the doorway. His chest heaving and eyes glowing a dangerous gold. 

'He's pissed' I thought to myself with an audible gulp, the lump in my throat sliding down painfully.

Within a flash, Colton slams into me with the full force of his body weight sending me crashing into the wall. His hand wrapped around my throat squeezing, leaving me gasping for air clawing at his hand willing for him to let go.

'You've been doing the rounds again haven't you, you filthy slut!' Colton screams in my face making me sink further into the wall.

'Noo' I croak still gasping for air. 

'Don't lie to me!' Colton roars at me spittle flying all over my face I Flinch back and tears rolling down my cheeks. I start to think this is the end for me as my vision blurs.

Colton releases me and I crumples to the floor, heaving a breath into my starved lungs. 

'If I see you near the twins or anyone else you will find out how cruel I can be' he sneered at me. Bobbing my head vigorously as I can't speak properly my voice coming out in croaks.

Standing tall, Colton kicks me in my side before walking out without another word. I sit there staring at the floor, tears streaming from my eyes. I push myself to my feet and starts darting around the room collecting my stuff for school before rushing down the stairs and out the front door..

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Shaz Shaz
ok good start
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Very short and lacking detail.
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Coward’s always pick on the weak…

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