Chapter Two

Walking down the side walk towards the school, Aria catches her reflection in the window of a shop. she walks past seeing the bruises her brother left all over neck. With her hands trembling, she traces the hand print around her neck, hissing at the pain raidiating from the mark.

Aria pulls her scarf around her neck, trying the hide the bruises. After a few minutes, she arrives at the school gates, keeping her head low she makes her way through the crowd of students.

Reaching the steps to the front doors of the school, she tries to hide herself in the students without being noticed. A little hard with her bright orange hair, piercing green eyes, she definitely stands out from the crowd.

As she reaches the top steps, a figure emerges from behind one of the pillars. Aria's breath catches in her throat as she stares at Dragus standing directly in front of her. Dragus just screamed power, standing at 6'4 with his luscious mahogany brown hair swept to the side, from the top of his head his shirt clinging with an inch of its life to every muscle on his body, there was no denying the man oozed sex on legs. 

As Aria stood there scanning his whole body with her emerald eyes Dragus spoke. 'Are you gonna stand there eye fucking me or are you going to tell me why you've got bruises around your neck?' He asked her in a husky voice.

Aria snapped her eyes back to his face, grasping her books tightly in her hands before looking at the ground and mumbelling 'it's nothing to worry about'. 

Dragus took a step towards her, towering over the top of her casting a shadow over her. Aria stilled and grasped her books even tighter. she wondered if they would tear. She looked up to him into those gold pools staring at her intently. Aria caught sight of Colton from behind Dragus. his glare instilling fear right to her soul. 

Aria stumbled back from Dragus.

'I need to go' she fumbled out before turning on her heels and running for the main doors of the school...

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Krystal White
okay I feel I need a vision flash back to explain wtf is the dynamic of the guys and why the whore thing... but that was a great chapter. Had me gasp about the brother behind the guy... drum roll please...
goodnovel comment avatar
Why is she being called a whore? Are they teenagers? Need more details!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
I like the storyline so far but the chapters are way too short. Hope it gets better though...

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