Chapter 3

As Aria burst through the school doors, ignoring the stares she got from the other students and the whispers of comments calling her 'slut whore'.  she quickly made her way to her locker trying to avoid the other students as much as possible.

As she got to her locker she pulled the locker open, stuffing some of her books in and pulling others out, she heard Ariel's voice chirp behind her.

'Hey girl, what you get up to this weekend?' Ariel was stunning from head to toe, standing at the same height as herself 5,5 they weren't the tallest girls in the school, but damn did Ariel have an Aurora about her that could pull anyone in. She had chestnut coloured hair with bright blue eyes, slim build and a rack that any girl would be envious of! Everyone apart from herself as Aria's were bigger and Aria had a bigger bum compared to Ariel. not that their physical appearances ever caused any jealousy between the girls they often joked about it.

'Nothing much stayed in drew a few more pictures, nothing exciting Colton's been on the warpath again' she said as she turned to face her best friend.

Ariel's eyes snapped to her neck taking in the bruises Colton had left, peeking from under her scarf and loosened around Aria's neck. Ariel's eyes softened when they returned to Aria's face, but she could see the anger swirling in the depths of her blue eyes. Without saying anything Aria turned to her locker slamming the door closed and moving past Ariel to head to her first class of the day.

Ariel fell in step with Aria as they made their way down the hallways of the school without a word spoken between them. Arriving at their class Ariel pushed the door to the classroom and they both made their way inside scanning the room for vacant seats as their eyes settled on the only two available. Ariel groaned to herself.

Making their way over the slouched down right in front of Dragus and Darian. Aria tried to ignore both the twins and their glances toward her knowing that, if Colton saw her speaking to them she would pay for it later.

Focusing her attention on the teacher at the front of the room, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She tried to ignore it until her head snapped back because Darian had tucked a strand of her hair.

'What do you want?' She hissed at him, keeping her eyes forward hoping no one noticed.

'What happened to your neck?' He asked.

'Nothing that concerns you' Aria hissed back.

She didn't need the attention from these two. all it ever caused her was problems.

Darian didn't question her anymore and before she knew it, class was over, Aria stood up after gathering her things and tugged Ariel along with her out the door and away from the twins as quickly as she could. She just hoped nobody had noticed their interaction in the classroom and passed it on to her brother.

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Nancy Norseworthy
You need to tell the twins
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Jessica McKay
such a good start ... but did you mean aura not aurora?
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Bella Jersey
I couldn’t imagine living that way

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