Chapter 5

"Look at me Aria, don't let anything that came out of her vile mouth get to you. she's wrong, don't let her ever think her words mean anything to you"

Aria lifted her head and looked into her friend's eyes, she could see the guilt and pity swarming around but she could also see the determination and fierce side to Ariel that she always admired and gave her the confidence that she needed in herself.

Aria squared her shoulders, wiped the tears from her cheeks and held her head high as Ariel pushed open the doors to the cafeteria.

As they entered, silence fell across the cafeteria and all eyes snapped to where the girls had walked in. Ariel linked their arms together as they strolled into the cafeteria, making their way to grab their lunch. As they passed the tables Aria could hear the whispers of the other students.

"She's a slut and a whore Cindy's right"

"Colton's going to be furious when he hears about this"

"I'd hate to be the downfall of my family, Cindy's right, maybe she should give them mercy"

Aria didn't lower her gaze as they made their way to the lunch line. despite hearing what the other students were saying and their eyes that followed them.

Once they had their trays they made their way over to an empty table and sat down to eat their lunch. Once they were seated the cafeteria resumed its normal buzz of chit chat and noise.

"So you want to talk about Dragus and Darian now?"

Aria's eyes snapped up to Ariel at the mention of the twins.

"No, I just can't be around them Ariel. Colton will kill me if he finds out I don't want to get hurt again." she sighed.

As Aria's eyes scanned the cafeteria, the doors to the cafeteria swung open and in walked Dragus Darian Silas Marco and Carlos, Aria looked down and continued to eat her lunch as they came in, all the girls of the academy wished to be mated to the notorious five, not that she had a chance with any of them but a girl can dream right?

They captured every girl's gaze as they made their way through the cafeteria, ignoring the battered eyelashes, smiles and gazes of the girls they passed.

Ariel watched in silence as her friend looked down and her lunch, she reached across the table and lifted Aria's chin with two fingers.

"Don't ever lower your head for anyone." she said and smiled.

Aria and Ariel chatted about their upcoming lessons and the school dance at the end of the month, Ariel was hoping that Sila would ask her to the dance while Aria never even thought about going.

Aria listened as Ariel went on about how hot Silas was and how she hoped he would be her mate. Aria could see the attraction to Silas but he had nothing on Dragus and Darian, each to their own she thought to herself.

As the girls were talking the doors to the cafeteria slammed open, leaving a very pissed off Colton standing there. 

Aria sunk back into her chair as Ariel followed her gaze to the doors. Colton was scanning the cafeteria when he spotted the girls sitting at the table, he stomped his way over to them, his eyes wild, his fists clenched at his side. As he reached the table he grabbed hold of Aria by her hair and yanked her head back.

"What gave you the right to slap Cindy!" He spat at her as his hold on her hair tightened, pulling her head further back to look into her eyes.

The cafeteria went silent once more as Aria said,

"I...I...didn't touch her Colton I swear" she stammered out.

It's like he saw red and smashed Aria's head into the table before grabbing her throat. Ariel jumped up as he grabbed Aria's throat.

"Let her go, she didn't touch Cindy. I pushed her out of the way so we could leave the bathroom" Ariel said as she tried to pull Colton off of Aria.

Colton snarled and squeezed Aria's throat until she was sputtering and coughing,

"You will pay for your friend's mistake" he said to her before he punched Aria in the face and she crumpled back into the seat.

As Colton drew his fist back to strike Aria again, a hand grabbed his wrist. Colton turned to see who the hand belonged to only to come face to face with Darian.

"I suggest you think about your next move if I were you," Darian said in a steel voice.

Colton looked into the glowing eyes of Darian for a long moment, looking at Dragus Silas Marco and Carlos before lowering his fist. Darian let go of his wrist and moved around Colton to where Aria was trembling in Ariel's arms, trying to stop the blood from the cut on her lip with a napkin.

"I bet she's fucking you too why else would you help her" Colton spat before he turned on his heel and headed for the cafeteria doors.

Aria looked up at Darian who had knelt in front of her to look into his glowing hazel eyes.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

As he gazed at her lip and the tears streaking her cheeks. Aria nodded her head and lowered her gaze, Ariel was rubbing circles on her back to try and calm her down.

"Aria look at me" he whispered but she couldn't bring herself to look into his eyes. The embarrassment, the hurt was too much for her to handle so she got up and ran from the cafeteria without looking back.

Aria ran as hard as she could out of the doors of the school and into the forest that surrounded the school building.

Tears blurred her vision as she pushed her legs harder and harder, ducking and jumping over rocks until she came to a clearing. she'd never been this far into the woods before and had no idea where she was.

Aria collapsed on the ground panting, trying to suck air into her lungs as quickly as she could. after a few moments her breathing slowed and Aria sat back and looked up to the sky.

The sky was blue without a cloud in sight. It was so peaceful and calm the breeze rushed around her and her hair whipped back and forth.

She wasn't sure how long she sat there before she heard a voice behind her.

"So this is where you've disappeared to" as she turned around there stood Dragus leaning against the tree in all his glory. his eyes trained on her as he slowly made his way to her.

Aria had turned back around and continued to look up at the sky as Dragus approached her and sat next to her.

"What happened in the cafeteria earlier Aria?" he asked but she didn't reply straight away and continued looking out across the clearing.

"Colton always hates me because he thinks I'm sleeping around the school and his friends are embarrassing him and my family. I can't shift yet and they think there's something wrong with me," she said as she lowered her gaze to look at her hands in her lap.

Aria didn't know why she confided in Dragus but it felt right to her. she felt like she could talk to him about anything.

"Does he always do that to you, hit you I mean?" Aria nodded her head and continued to stare at her hands in her lap,

"Is that the worse he's done to you?" he asked as he gazed at her she shook her head no and looked up at him from between her lashes.

Dragus stayed quiet for a few minutes still looking at her intently.

Dragus scooted closer to her and tried to pull her into a side hug but when Aria hissed. he looked down at her in confusion. Aria pulled back and wrapped her arms around her sides, Dragus looked at her and saw her flinch when she touched her sides.

Dragus pulled her arms from her side "can I see Aria you might need help?" Dragus looked into her glittering emerald eyes before she nodded her head.

Slowly Dragus lifted Aria's shirt to reveal the purple bruises up her right side, Aria glanced at him and could see his jaw tight and his eyes glowing. She quickly pulled her shirt back down and went to stand.

"Why do you care Dragus? you don't have to be here with me, everyone will think that...think that......" she let her voice trail off before she turned on her heel to leave.

Dragus jumped up and took hold of her arm but she wouldn't turn to look at him. "I don't care what they think Aria, I will not let this carry on."

"You can't help me Dragus just leave it, it will only get worse" she sighed as she walked away from him. Dragus stood in the clearing watching her retreating back disappear into the woods.....

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