Chapter Ten

Dragus POV

It's been 6 days since we found out that Aria had left 6 fucking days and I was going crazy my dragon was constantly pacing both me and Darian were on edge we couldn't understand why were we feeling the way we were towards her.

Two days after she left we were both woken we the same dream, a dream of us in the clearing with her she was standing in the middle staring up at the stars she looked amazing just standing there we could see her from the darkness of the trees she turned and looked at us staring right into our eyes when we made our way over to her I couldn't keep my eyes from her, I had the sudden urge to touch her so I lifted my hand and stroked her face the sparks that flew up my arm were unimaginable when the breeze that surrounds us picked up her hair whipping around her I heard a voice whisper "MATES" and then it ended I woke up in my bed my sheets soaked from the sweat that had come from my body I could still feel the tingles
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Comments (23)
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Astrid Wendt-Seiger
You are an amazing writer
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Barbara Davis
great story so far. Not many grammatical errors but many run on sentences and a lack proper capitalisation. Keep writing I would love to read more from you.
goodnovel comment avatar
Niki Boyes
just started on this one n I can't put it down ...️...️...️

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