Let her stay

"Ouch" Aria rubs her nose, which caught the brunt of the collision.

She raised her head to see with whom she collided with. But little did she knows, her entire world will shake when she looks at the person, to whom she lost her virginity to, a month ago.

'What is he doing here? Is he following me?' She thought in horror. 

'Is he the Psycho stalker type?' She feared in her head.

'Why oh why do you have to drink so much and land yourself a stalker Aria?' She scolded herself.

Noah laughed out loud at her nervous rambling.

Aria looked behind her with wide eyes.

"Don't tell me, I said everything out loud" she pleaded with Noah.

"No doll, I will not tell you. But damn, you are cute when you are nervous" Noah said with a wink.

"Psycho stalker? Really? " Aiden asked with a blank face.

He heard a little of their conversation just now, and he concluded that she is searching for that Ass hole Martin. 

"Sorry, didn't mean to say that out loud. When I am nervous, I tend to say everything out loud" she explained.

'Why is she searching for him? What is their relationship?' Aiden thought, ignoring her nervous rambling.

He is having mixed feelings looking at this girl. She plagued him every waking moment for the past one month. Finally, when she is standing in front of him in flesh, she is searching for that leech and scum bag Martin.

"Why are you searching for Martin?" he ignored her nervous looks, which are cute. Combined with her cowboy boots and that hat, she is sexy as hell.

But Martin is like a thorn at his side, he cannot ignore him. So he ignored her body and concentrated on the matter at hand.

When Aria heard the question, she detected hatred for Martin. 

So she hesitated a little to answer.

'I came till here, I cannot backtrack now. It's now or never Aria' she thought.

"He is my father. He told me to come here today. But when I called his number, he is not picking up" she explained.

Aiden looked at her coldly.

'That scum actually abandoned his own daughter, and she is my step sister? My irresistible step-sister' Aiden cursed in his head.

"He went on a vacation with my mother yesterday, for one month," Aiden told her.

Aria's eyes widened and despair came crashing into her heart.

"But when I talked to him yesterday, he said he will be waiting for me. I guess I should not have trusted that man. He didn't even have the decency to come to my mother's funeral, abandoning his daughter is a piece of cake for that man" Aria thought looking at her boots, but she said everything out loud.

When Aiden and Noah heard her, they felt bad for her. She got a scum for a father.

"I am sorry for bothering you. I will go now" Aria said looking at Aiden.

Aiden saw her walking back towards her old rusty pickup truck. Something tugged his heartstrings.

"Wait" he stopped her before his head could process what he wants to do.

Aria looked behind her at the man, her one-night stand, and now her stepbrother. 

'What a way to choose a man to lose you Virginity Aria?' She thought. And thankfully, she didn't say that out loud this time.

"You can stay here until our parents could come back" Aiden offered.

Aria looked at him and shook her head.

"Thank you for your offer. But I don't want to trouble you" Aria said.

After everything that happened between them, she won't want to stay anywhere near him. It will be awkward for both of them.

Aiden is surprised at her rejection. Somehow, he thought she would be like her father, shameless and a mooch. But she seems to be different, he thought.

"It's not trouble for me. It's my responsibility. As your stepbrother, I cannot let you go alone at this time of the night. Come inside. I will show you to your room and we can talk tomorrow" Aiden offered.

Aria nodded reluctantly. He is right. She doesn't have anywhere to go. She sold her grandfather's ranch to pay off the debts that accumulated over the years, for her mother's special medical care. 

After selling off everything, only this second-hand pickup truck and her belongings are left for her.

She only has 170 $ in her account, which is not enough to rent a room for a week. She was counting on her father, her only living relative, to help her out. But he bailed on her.

"Where is your luggage?" Aiden asked her.

"In my truck" Aria pointed out towards her truck, where her suitcase and some boxes of her belongings lying on the bed of the truck.

"I'll help you carry the suitcase" Aiden offered.

He led her inside the house and directly led her upstairs and away from the party, which is going on at the back of the house, on the deck.

He took her to the last room in the narrow hall on the second floor. He opened the door and deposited her suitcase on the threshold.

"Lock your door" he instructed before leaving her alone with her thoughts.

Aria looked around the room and found a small balcony, from where she can enjoy the view of the beach. 

She changed her clothes into her sleep shorts and a tank top and lay down on the bed.

'He is kind enough to offer me a room to sleep in tonight. But where will I go tomorrow? Even Adam can't let me stay in his house. His house is small and already 5 members are sharing his house. His parents and two siblings. I can't even get their couch. That's where Adam sleeps. Where can I go?' She thought worriedly.

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