A mess

The next morning, Aria woke up to the bright sunlight streaming through the curtains. By the brightness of the sunlight alone, she could tell that she slept later than usual.

The 13 hours drive from her hometown in Texas to Green bay exhausted her. 

She got up and looked at the waves through her balcony door.

In a matter of weeks, she became homeless, her only living relative abandoned her, she lost her virginity to none other than her stepbrother and she is currently in said step brothers house.

'When did my life became a tangled mess?' She thought.

'I need to have a bath and get ready to leave soon. Aiden might want me to leave' she thought.

Aria picked up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She quickly finished her usual morning routine and came out freshly showered. She packed up her belongings before going down in search of her stepbrother.

She slowly walked downstairs and found the house quiet. Last night's party left the floor on the deck dirty, with empty bottles, and whatnot.

She slowly walked towards the deck and watched the early morning sun rising from the ocean. The salty sea breeze and the crashing of the waves are so refreshing.

Her mom always wanted to move to a place like this, when she gets better. She was born and bought up on that ranch where she passed away. 

When she was diagnosed with heart disease, Martin took off, without turning back. Mom loved him with everything she got. She couldn't recover from the loss along with her heart operation. 

Her health was always declining, without leaving hope for her to recover. The doctor declared that, if she gets another stroke, she will not survive, as her body is still a week from her open heart surgery.

She called Martin so many times, in hopes that if she sees him, she might get better. But he never came back. If she had a place to stay after selling that ranch, she never would have asked for his help.

Either this or sleeping on the streets.

'I guess I have to sleep in my truck for a while after I go from here' Aria thought bitterly.

"The view never gets old," a familiar voice said from behind her.

Aria turned to face Aiden, her stepbrother, who is standing near the threshold of the deck and the living area, with his hip propped onto the door frame, and a steaming coffee cup in hand and shirtless.

The vivid images of that night popped in her head, but she squashed them mercilessly.

'He is your stepbrother for God's sake' Aria reminded herself.

Aiden looked at her fresh make up free face. She looks like an angel just standing there. 

If she is anyone but his stepsister, and Martins's daughter, he wouldn't have any problem in repeating that night.

But in the broad daylight, she looks younger than he remembers and completely forbidden.

"How old are you?" he asked her, keeping his face blank.

"I am 19 years old" Aria replied.

Aiden raised his eyebrows.

"Really? You look younger than 19" he commented.

With a quick swipe down her body, he amended his statement.

"No, your body looks 19, but it's your face. It's younger than 19" he commented.

Aria looked away from his gaze, which feels like, he is touching her with his eyes.

"Baby" a female voice interrupted them.

Aria looked at the woman, who is older than her and is only wearing, what looks like one of Aiden's shirts.

Aiden looked behind him and smiled at the woman.

"Good morning gorgeous," he said kissing her on her lips.

"Hmm," the woman moaned audibly.

An unwanted pang hit Aria's heart. 

'He is my stepbrother, that night is a mistake. It's better like this' she assured herself and turned away from them.

Aiden is kissing Natasha so that he wouldn't attack Aria. Last night he was not planning to spend the night with anyone in his bed. But after seeing Aria, he changed his mind.

Natasha is his on and off girlfriend for the past couple of years. She was his college mate and now his fuck buddy.

It's either this or takes Aria to his bed and takes her like a possessive savage. But the latter is not possible. So he is using Natasha as his shield.

"Come back to bed baby" Natasha purred like a cat.

But he preferred Aria's Moans of pleasure than this. Too bad, she is who she is.

"I am talking Aria, you should go now. I have work today" he subtly told her to get out. 

By the look of disappointment flashed in her eyes, she understood his meaning.

Natasha is completely different than Aria.

Aria is sexy with her curves, exactly in the right places, and tall with long tanned legs.

Her face is a vision of innocence and fierceness. Round almond-shaped light brown eyes, reddish-brown hair which reach her waist in soft waves, kissable lips, shapely chin and she looks like his wet dreams come true.

But Natasha is not as tall as Aria. She has stick-straight hair, which he hates, not as tall as Aria as well. Natasha is thin like a run-way model. The version, which he does not like in his women.

But she is not the clinging type, so he calls her, when he needs her, like last night.

"Oh, but I thought we could spend some time in bed" Natasha tried to coax him, with her whining.

He hates Whining in females. 

"No, I have some important business to take care of. You need to go" he told her firmly in his no-nonsense tone.

Natasha immediately clamped her mouth shut and left without another word.

She knows the score. It's always like this. He is not settling with one girl type. He likes flavors in life. The prospect of settling with one girl scares him.

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