A new Friend

Aiden stood there in a daze.

'What just happened?' he thought with confusion.

'Did I just kissed her without her permission?' he thought with shock.

Aiden stood there in confusion.

'What happened to you Aiden? Why did you just do that?' he cursed himself.

But the lingering taste of her lips stirred a hunger inside him, which he thought he forgot after a month after that night.

"This is bad" he muttered.

Aria ran out of the house and drove off from Aiden's house in a hurry.

"Damn him" she muttered out loud with irritation.

She is sure she shouldn't get wet from just a kiss. That too from that asshole Aiden. But she is. Surely, this cannot be normal right? Who would become this turned on with just a kiss? 

That damn man. What possessed him to kiss her like this? Aria cursed him.

It's still not time to report for work. So she drove aimlessly around the town, wasting her fuel. She finally settled to go and sit on a n

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