After the beach incident with Ryan, Aria couldn't forget the fear in Ryan's eyes, when he was talking about her father.

"Aria" Marlin called me when I was arranging cutlery on a table before the lunch hour rush.

Aria looked behind her and found Merlin holding something for her. Aria walked the little distance between them and smiled at Merlin.

"Hey Merlin," she said with a smile.

Marlin smiled back.

"Here, this is your name tag and employee Id card. In this cover, you will find your locker keys and other formalities" Merlin handed over them to Aria.

Aria looked inside the cover and nodded her head.

"If you need anything, come to me, alright?" Merlin said.

"Ok" Aria agrees.

She put away the cover inside her locker before putting on her name tag on her shirt. She doesn't have to carry her id card always, so she put that away in a locker before locking it. She pocketed the key in her skirt pocket.

"Hey, you" Ryan greeted her w

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