Aiden parked his black Suv behind his, black Ashton Martin. He cursed when he saw Natasha's car parked in front of one of the closed garage doors.

"Shit" he cursed.

He regrets ever giving the house keys to her. Recently she is acting like his girlfriend, which is not the case.

He is using her as a distraction from Aria. And now he understands it as a very bad idea.

He got down the car and walked inside the house. He saw Aria walking towards the stairs and a furious Natasha pulling her back before slapping her hard, across her face.

"Natasha" Aiden roared before rushing to help Aria up.

Natasha is stunned to look at Aiden. She didn't think he would come so soon and see all this. But she is not about to give him up for this girl, whoever she is.

Aria's cheek is throbbing with pain and she is sure that it must be swollen.

When Aiden helped her up, she let him without fussing. She is still in shock about the entire thing.

"Aiden baby

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