Love you

'Touched my heart the way Aria did' those words kept repeating in her head. 

Aria looked at Aiden with a shocked look.

'Did he just said what I am assuming he did? Or, am I assuming too much?' She thought with shock.

But she couldn't wipe out the hope she is feeling.

'This means, does he have feelings for me as well?' She thought.

Even Claire has a huge grin on her face.

But it was not the case with Natasha. Tears are pooling in her eyes, making her feel sad and hopeless.

"I thought loving you is enough for you to love me back. But I think it is not" she whispered sadly.

Aiden couldn't do much for her, except being pityful.

"I can guess who is behind all this what you did now. Stay away from him Natasha. He is dangerous" Aiden warned her off of Noah.

He can easily guess it's Noah who is behind Natasha. Noah is using her for his end goals. If she takes his warning seriously and stays away from him, then it's well and go

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