Aiden instructed a bell boy to bring him the paper which Aria intended to give him after she left.

He unfolded the paper and found her words.

'I love you too' it read.

He smiled softly and looked in the direction which she left.

He pocketed the paper and left to attend his meeting.

Aria on the other hand is disappointed. She tried to tell him how she feels for him, but luck doesn't seem that be on her side. 

'Now he is going for a meeting and who knows how long it will be until he comes back' she thought with a sad face.

The day passed by slowly, but without a sign of Aiden.

Aria is feeling restless. She regretted not telling him what she feels when she had the chance. Now she fears that he might misunderstand that she doesn't feel the same about him.

"What are you going to do?" Claire asked her.

"I have to do something and let him know how I feel about him. That too today itself" Aria told Claire.

"Hmm, then you

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