Hidden truth

Aria and Aiden lay on the bed beside each other naked, and they have a very content smile on their faces.

"I never thought this day would come so soon. I thought I had to wait for another year for you to forgive me, or even more" Aiden confessed.

Aria smiled at his statement.

"I guess I loved you since a long time. It's easy to forgive you" Aria said.

Aiden smiled at her statement.

That's when Aria remembered something Natasha said that day. 

"Is is Noah behind everything that happened at that time?" Aria asked.

Aiden stiffened.

"Yes, he instigated everything and I got carried away. It's my mistake as well. I cannot throw the entire blame on him and tell you that I am innocent. I am not" Aiden confessed.

"What happened?" Aria asked softly.

Aiden sighed and began to explain everything since the moment her father crashed in to his father and then Noah killing his father and blackmailing Martin. And then Noah send that vi

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