Danger in the shadows

Martin and Aria sat outside on the porch, talking about everything that happened since the moment he was forced to move out on them.

"I made a mistake Ari, I shouldn't have drunk so much and driven my car. I did both. I was so drunk, I accidentally crashed into Mr. Alexander. I panicked and left him on the road to die. I found out later that he was not dead then but was killed by Noah. He began to blackmail me with that video of me crashing into Mr. Alexander. I was forced to do everything he wanted me to. First, he wanted me to leave you and your mother. And then, he made me marry Sarah, that was the point I began to feel hopeless and helpless. Then, everything began to go out of control. Then your mother died and you contacted me for help. I know Aiden is a good man who wouldn't let you suffer alone. So I made you come here to protect you in the only way I could" Martin confessed, making Aria's eyes tear up.

"We missed you so much after you left us, dad. Mostly mom,

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Jette Cowart
finally that bad get finished,live this book,,

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