Will you marry me

The next morning, Aiden's mom Sarah was cooking breakfast in the kitchen when Aria came down.

Aiden is still sleeping, but Aria couldn't sleep at all after what happened last night. She is on edge and itching to go out of the room for some air.

When she came down, she saw Sarah, Aiden's mother cooking breakfast. With everything that happened after she came the previous day, Aria couldn't talk to her properly. She seems to be like a nice woman.

"Do you want some help?" Aria offered tentatively.

Sarah looked behind her and smiled at Aria.

"Oh hello dear. Good morning. No dear, I am just about done. I couldn't sleep at all with everything that happened last night. So I decided to prepare some pancakes. Martin too likes pancakes. I stress cook a lot" Sarah agreed sheepishly.

Aria smiled at that comment.

"Ya, I couldn't sleep too. Everything is too much to digest" Aria too agreed.

Sarah switched off the flames and turned to face Aria.

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Black Rose
I wanted to read this, but after I unlocked the last chapter, ohhhh I didn't expect the ending like
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Hina Simpson
love the story, but why the ending is si rush. come on, this book is so good for ending like this. anyway good reading.
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This is a cute story and I enjoyed it but the ending seemed a bit rushed. And just a side note, the author really needs to pay more attention to editing. Some sentences didn’t even make sense and I had to guess what they meant.
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