Chapter 5

Morning came and Iris

woke up to a familiar view, and it was not that of Bryce sleeping beside her

peacefully in snooze land looking adorable. 

When she decided to move in with Bryce a year ago she didn't sell her penthouse , she wanted a place where she could go and recharge or take time off when

she couldn't handle being around people.

She took her phone out of her bag and put it in the charger and enjoyed her cup of coffee all she wanted to do was forget about last night. Her phone was off and that's all she needed to do. She also wanted to enjoy her eagle eye view of the city and some me time; watching chick flicks eating unhealthy food for that day only, cause she wasn't going to gain weight over her failed engagement.


When Bryce woke up midday

everything felt strange; See normally he would be woken up by breakfast in bed

or a cup of coffee from Iris. He looked at the time cause he was still wearing

his watch; he was hoping that last night was just a dream but as he walked to

the bathroom and threw water on his face and realized he was not wearing his

boxers only with a T-shirt ,but he was

wearing yesterdays clothes and like water bursting through the banks of an over

flooded river , everything that happened last night replayed in his head.

It was like watching a movie that was

predictable in slow motion .He got out of his clothes cleaned himself up ,

dressed up , went downstairs and made 

himself breakfast ,and called

Iris but it went straight to voice mail and he left a message.

"Hey it's me I know I

screwed up okay and I should have told you and I shouldn't have done what I... I did

and, wait screw this pathetic attempt of an apology I should just find you and

tell you face to face. Please tell me where you are staying and are you safe

where you are? I'm still in love with you." He hung up and wrapped up warmly

and went out looking for Iris .


By the time evening

came Bryce had already looked everywhere called everyone except for the last 3

people he wanted to see and one of them would know where to find Iris. It came

as no surprise to him. He was sipping on some rooiboss tea and hanging his car keys

in the key cabinet besides the extra house keys he noticed a key missing. The

key he never thought would leave the cabinet in a very long time .He picked up

his phone and speed dialed a number he never thought he'd need to speed dial .He had given up all hope and prayed that the person on the other end of the line would pick up or he would start feeling helpless and useless.

The phone rang and

the person on the other end answered.

"Hello hi"

Bryce nearly dropped

his mug but said what he had to say for fear of the line on the other side

going dead

"Iris I am so sorry,

I believe you and all those horrible things I said I didn't mean them"

When she realized it

was Bryce she immediately felt a feeling she had never felt before a feeling of

anger, obsession and irritation. She was angry because she felt betrayed and loyalty means the world

to her especially from someone cared

deeply about. She obsessed because she 

believe what had happened to her perfect relationship, where did she go

wrong and what could she have done to prevent the breakup and irritated because

Bryce was the last person he wanted to 

talk to.

"What do you want Logan


"To fix the mess I made babe"


" I am not hanging up

until we agree on something, if all else fails I will look for you until I find

you, and try to find some common ground"

"What you want some

kind of resolution, some kind of reaction?"

Iris blew a fuse; she

had been crying with her eyes swollen, her nose blocked, and she still sounded

nasal her nose was all red

"You are so unbelievable after what you just did;

do you think do you think?"

Iris was at a loss for words that's how infuriated she was about to scream and throw her phone

across the room.

"Stop okay, I

seriously...Iris I love you, I mean it


"Really I do I'm falling to pieces "

Iris felt a feeling

she had hoped she wouldn't feel in a very long time 

"and whose fault is that

Bryce ... I just don't love you anymore, I mean it" 

She had ran out of fight and

had totally given up on what was once an important part of her life.

Bryce raked his

perfectly blow dried hair

"you're going to do this ?"

Iris heard a knock on

her door and she was a bit iffy about answering it but she walked downstairs in

her socks, she had black jeans on and a white hoodie to keep warm since she was

at the highest point of the building she had not switched the air conditioner

higher than 20 degrees and she wasn't expecting anyone.

"Yes really I cannot do this anymore I'm fed


"So I guess this is over "

She reached her door

and unlocked it. 

"yes it's over we as in us , we do not

exist anymore we have no partnership relationship... am I getting through to you, or

should I break it down to you in a language you understand. "

She opened the door

and who she saw made her skin crawl with fear and the hairs on the back of her neck

stand. The person she saw was holding a gun directed towards her chest. 


took a deep breath and stepped back

"Hey Rudolf; hang up

right now, I mean it or I strike"

She saw anger,and aggression in this persons

light brown eyes.

Bryce heard the familiar

voice through the phone, if he can only remember who used to use that line when

they meant business.

"Bryce I will always 

care, you never know what player you are until you start playing on the field.

I guess you just lost this game for good."

Her voice was unstable and that in

turn set off alarm bells in Bryce's head

" we have put in fare

too many years Iris just to let it go to waste like this, Iris it Just happened okay , wait you don't sound

like yourself whose with you? What's going on?"

"Hang up or I will

give you another wound to worry about "

The person walked in the penthouse,

and closed the door. She hung up

and put the phone on the counter.

Iris's face

registered fear and shock, the person who had invaded her space forcefully, was

the last person she had expected to have her at gun point about to shoot her ...

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