Chapter 6

Back in Bedford 


had driven up hill to go see if Mark was home ,so he would have a serious word

with him, and maybe give Sasha a piece of his mind . He drove up carefully as

the road was notorious for having traffic congestion now and then and the odd

car accidents. He however knew how to navigate the territory when he reached

the gate he rang the bell and Jonathan opened the gate to the complex, and Bryce

pulled up in the drive way .He stepped out of the car and knocked on the door;

he had been feeling terrible all day and had an uneasy feeling call it a gut

feeling if you will but he had to find Iris.

Jonathan opened the

door he looked devilishly gorgeous, besides having skin as soft as a babies

bottom, he had had brown eyes , short hair and unlike Bryce who looked like

hell , he was clean shaven and he had a red and black cardigan on paired up

with black sweat pants he was walking around in socks he had a voice as

soothing as chamomile tea that could melt any girls heart and make any guy

jealous .

"For someone who is

supposed to be sick in bed you look jolly good and my fiancé has to cover for

you at work. Dude that is so not cool" Bryce remarked when he opened the door

"For someone who is

always supposed to look all so debonair you look mucked up, what the hell


"Like you don't know."

He gave Jonathan a disappointed look which gave everything away and he knew he

was in for a long night of explaining himself

"I am sorry I was

meaning to tell you when , you got back , which was supposed to be next week

Monday but your back early ,you look like you had a hectic day and there is sadness in those

hazel green eyes of yours , the last time I saw that was when Iris was mad at

you for what happened with you and J"

"oh my word look who

decided to pay us a visit ,if it isn't the cheater himself, too bad the boys I

hired did a sloppy job ,but I'm pretty sure your wife to be got the message and

I hope she will be okay ,and rumor has it that you two are no longer an item. "

Sasha had walked in

the kitchen and wasted no time in airing her views. Bryce however had self

control, and turned his attention towards Sasha who had colored her hair blond

and had green contact lenses on.

"Sasha how on earth

do you walk in those heels, the Sporty look requires a wedge sneaker, and your

wearing that, wow what a fashion mistake, we should call the fashion police or

maybe we can get the cops to arrest you.

I really feel what

you did to my better half sucked, it was evil and nasty ,I hate what you did to

her ,I could have lost the woman I loved"


pointed at Sasha in accusation; Jonathan decided to interject by

standing in front of Sasha to defend her .

"Okay can the both of

you stop it? They both nodded their

heads in agreement "Bryce what are you doing in my house, what do you want?"

Bryce took a deep

breath and started to tell Jonathan what happened and how he had the worst

feeling in the world that something was wrong.

"Jonathan our last

conversation on the phone scared me she said something along the lines of you

don't know what kind of sportsman you are until you start playing on the field,

oh and something about losing a game "

"Was that all she said?"

Jonathan looked worried and started to feel

antsy Sasha had gone and looked for the car keys since she felt bad about what

she did out of desperation to protect his brother and wanted to help Bryce find

Iris. She then saw a look Jonathan had never pulled before not even when she

was in trouble. His eyes were full of worry and concern about what he just

heard and you could almost swear he was about to lose his mind.

"yes and I know how

on edge Martin can get so I wanted to see if he was here with the both of you

but it looks like he isn't " Bryce said

Sasha came out

running in her heels from the other end of the house, she had come to the

realization that his twin Brother didn't take his medication which could lead

him to behave dangerously.

"During the call did

you hear something completely strange, like words along the lines of, do this

or I will strike?" Sasha was looking for her phone and found it and she was

searching for something in her tracking application.

All three looked at

each other and became aware that Iris

might be in danger ... if they don't find her soon before Mark does she may end

up getting hurt.

"I looked everywhere

for her she must have ...oh my word "Bryce said with a panicky tone " I should

have known ;here was I looking in all the wrong places when I knew all along

where she was"

"I just sent you

Martin's last check in point who is he seeing "she showed Jonathan and Bryce

looked at his Phone too.

"I have to go, thanks

Sasha and I forgive you and Jonathan we aren't done I'll see you soon." 


ran out of the house and made his way to where Martin was he knew that if

Martin had an episode and he had a target ...The target would get hurt or

worse, they wouldn't survive.

Jonathan and Sasha

also joined in the chase and since it was a 30 minuet long drive and they were

stuck in traffic which made it longer. Avery impatient Sasha who had the radio

on a tad bit too loud started singing to calm herself down while driving.

She was tapping on

the steering wheel and had forgotten to take off her platform heels

"What am I going to

do when the best part of me was always you and what am I going say when I'm all

chocked up and you're okay? "

Jonathan had picked

up a vibe when they left the house and he was almost too nervous to ask Sasha

what was wrong, was it something he did or didn't say; but being the gentle soul

he was he put down the volume and did what he always did, try and resolve the

situation as peacefully as he can.

"Honey I'm sure The

Script can hear your amazing vocal ability all the way in Ireland or wherever

in the world they may be " He then proceeded by switching off the radio. "

Sweet Sasha please tell me what's wrong honey?"

Sasha looked at Jonathan

then looked at the road; she remembered a short cut rout she saw on her phone

and decided to take it on the next off ramp.

"I am taking a short cut 

the road is a bit dangerous at night but I'm an experienced driver . She paused for a moment and the silence in the

car was almost loud." Jon do you have feelings for Iris?"

The question caught

Jonathan totally off guard he was only worried about his friend who he cared

about; or did he care too much and was Sasha seeing something he didn't notice.

Sasha increased her speed

"No at some point I

did that was back then; I married you didn't I ,I chose you and it wasn't cause I was mad at Iris when I found out about the

kiss; it was because I loved you and I still do"

"Then tell me; what's

that look in your eyes that I saw when Bryce told you what happened "

She accidently drops

her lip balm container and it gets stuck

underneath the accelerator her foot gets

trapped since she decided to put on heels and drive in them.

'"Sasha slow down we

are on a hill for crying out loud I love you!" She looked at him accusingly.


always loved Iris you have this wall that you put up but you don't see it ,and

somehow she is able to break it, which is something I can't do clearly! I've

been lying to myself for the past three years" She let go of the steering wheel

losing focus and control.


watch out !" In a split second she tried to swerve to avoid the dog ,the car

flipped and everything from that moment

on went black for both Sasha and Jonathan.


Bryce reached the

destination where Jonathan was he was antsy; he had the same application on his

phone that made it easier for him to pin point where he could find Jonathan.

Since he had gone to Iris's penthouse before, the security guards allowed him

to go through.

Everything was quiet until he and everyone

heard two earth shattering earth sounds. The first one came from just down the road

and it had sounded like something had just crashed, and the second sound was

the one that put him on edge, it had come from the penthouse, before he had

reached the elevator; he was told to stay down at the lobby for safety reasons,

but when he heard the security guys say Barker he refused to stay and went with

the guards regardless. Immediately there were sirens coming from both

ends of the street. When Bryce reached the top with security he pushed them all

out of his way and used his spare key to open Iris's apartment, nothing, not

even his fear of water could have prepared him for what he saw...

© #KCMmuoe

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