Chapter 8

Jonathan was in the Safe Zone and was cleared to go home as soon as he woke up from much needed rest. There was still no word on Iris . When Jonathan finally came around , the first word that came out of his dry mouth was unexpected, although Maria didn't think it was... She knew all along .

"Iris ... Got to save Iris from Martin."

Maria thanked God that her brother has made it through and the minuet his eyes flew open and he saw his sister ,everything that had happened the night before came back to him.

"Need I remind you big brother , you are married to Sasha and Iris is with Bryce ." 

Maria spoke to him calmly and stroked his hand . 

" How are you feeling"

"Better now that you are home ."

He mastered the strength he had given the medication he was given that made him all heavy headed and drowsy, he gave his sist

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