Chapter 10

"Jonathan could you please leave I need to talk to my fiance whether I deserve her or not I don't care please leave. " 

Bryce had already given Jonathan his infamous dagger look which he knew all too well , the last time he got the look was when he almost kissed Iris at a year end function Iris was knocked out cold from the festivities, mainly cause she organized and saw the event through from start to finish . Jonathan was a bit tipsy and thought he was going back to his room that Sasha and him were booked in , right next door Bryce and Iris . Bryce made it just in time, what happened next made Jonathan respect Bryce even more as Iris's significant other. 


Bryce sat down on the chair beside the hospital bed . Iris wasn't hooked on many machines ,for a moment he thought she saw her flinch when he touched her arm. When he leaned over to give her a kiss that was so sweet and tender... Her eyes fluttered open Bryce had sat back down on t

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