Chapter 18

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Morning started break and the sun was slowly starting to shine through the curtains. Iris had her head on Javier's left pectoral and her arm across his torso. She had fallen asleep to the sound of Javier's heart beat and soothing voice. It had been a while since she had slept properly and peacefully . She was usually up before the sun came up either cycling , swimming ,or running to keep her mind off the edge and brink of falling into the vicious cycle of self pity or PTS.

Javier too was knocked out cold. Following the week he had in training and his aching muscles. He hadn't realized how much he missed Iris until last night... She had told him why she cut all contact and forgot about him. She explained what Gina threatened to do. He apologized for everything. He also explained to Iris that Gina and him had ended things six months ago but didn't get into

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