Always and Forever
Always and Forever
Author: amandacatalina165

The Beginning Of The End (prologue)

My name is Catalina I live in Manhattan, I am 75 years old, I just got back from my monthly check up today, my doctor tells me, it’s likely for my memory to begin to deteriorate, I should be prepared to start forgetting things,

before that happens I want to share with you my amazing story, a story I wish to never forget that is why I write it all down to begin with, 

it was the beginning of my end

Do you ever feel like your life is on repeat?

At the age of 24,

I became the managing director of STBC Bank, with a monthly salary of $20,000,

I was doing really well for myself, although my father was a millionaire, I was pretty rich myself, I used to have this routine,

 I go to work, when I am done for the day, i meet up with my boyfriend of 4 years, have dinner, have the same meaningless sex, talk about the events of the day, go to bed repeating the same thing over and over again or on some days i meet up with my best friend, mother, father or brother and there it is, the perfect life. 

I literally had everything any human being could wish for, I had the perfect job, the “perfect” boyfriend, a wonderful best friend and a beautiful family, I mean what more could a girl need,

it was the kind of life most people could only dream about at least for those who didn’t need love In a relationship, aside that everything was perfect, at least so I thought.

When he came along everything I felt was enough for me suddenly felt useless and futile, because I was willing to give up my life if that was all it took to love him.

I fell hard, so hard, till this very moment although it’s been years I still remember his face, his voice, his smile, the way he walks ,his laugh, every damn thing about him, and I hope to never forget until my last breath.

Even his first words to me are still stuck in my head, 

“hello, I am Stiliyan Dimitro and you must be Catalina Brooks”.

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