Pain and Gain [ii]

I wake up to see Anna lying next to me still asleep, I glance at the clock and it's 12 noon, I check my phone and see 2 missed calls from my mother , 2 missed calls from Ryan, 3 missed calls from Dad and 1 missed call from Christian. 

There are bottles of liquor scattered on the floor, I start to make a path, deciding to wash up first, I call Ryan first,


“Hey kiddo, you missed my call I guess you were having too much fun last night, you are officially an engaged woman, you must be excited, how are you?” excitements clearly evident in his tone, making me feel like shit,

 “ I am doing wonderful ,yes I am now an engaged woman but he had to leave last night he had a business trip to attend, spent the night with Anna,” 

“alright kiddo, dad says you are coming over for dinner, something about the Bulgarian partnership business, so I guess I would see you tonight?”

 “yeah would be there, see you later, and for the gazillionth time please stop calling me kiddo, you are just 2 years older, jeez! Ryan” I hear him chuckle,

 “see you kiddo, say hello to Anna for me” and then he ends the call. 

I decide to call Christian later, needed to make something to eat I was feeling really hungry, I begin to whip up lasagna, I was almost done when I see Anna stroll into the kitchen looking all bright and chirpy I can never understand or figure out how she does it, it’s like she has some kind of superpower over hangovers.

 “I smell lasagna!! Smells good, you are a lifesaver Cat, I’m so hungry” she said excitedly, 

“dig in, you starved cow” I say to her and begin to laugh as she stuffs her face making funny faces.

We are done eating, we decide to watch a movie , we spent hours laughing and screaming at the television screen till it was time for me to get ready for dinner, I decide to call Christian, 

 “Hey babe, I missed your” he cut cut short

“hey babe, now is not a really good time I am really busy, would call you later, love you” and just like that the call ends, I’m kind of glad I don’t need to explain myself though, so I just shrug it off, typical Christian anyway.

“Are you not getting ready for your dinner with your dad? He would be really pissed if you are late Cat,” Anna says, 

“ I just need to pick out an outfit, I should be ready In the next 30 minutes” I tell her, dashing upstairs to get dressed, I finally decide on a blue dress, the length stops a little above the knee, it’s a body hug gown, with a bare back and long sleeves, i match it with a black red bottom heel , I tie my hair to a tight neat bun, with thin long earrings and a matching bracelet, I complete my look with a light make up and apply lip gloss on my lips making my plump lips pop, satisfied with my look, I head downstairs and taking a sit next to Anna, 

“You look nice you asshole, are you sure it’s a business meeting or a date you sly fox” she sheepishly says as she tickles me.

I call Antonio to let him know i am going home, I don’t know how Antonio does it but wherever I am, it takes him no later than five minutes to pull up, I was staring at the television when my phone buzzed, it’s a message from Antonio saying he was out front, I kiss Anna a good night and head out.

“we are here ma’am,” I look up from my tablet, I was checking out this company my father wants to partner with, it seems they are doing well for themselves it is not a multinational company but it has a lot of potential and I see why dad wants to expand with them, I was reading up on the founder of the company, I see he is a twenty year old boy, before I could read any further Antonio brought out my attention. 

“Thank you Antonio, goodnight, I would be sleeping here tonight, you can head home,” I say to him “goodnight ma’am”.   

Fathers house is massive to an extent, it has twelve huge bedrooms with walk in closets, fourteen bathrooms, one in each room, which has a Jacuzzi and a large tub, a separate house for the workers, and also a different building to host business meeting,

 I am still trying to figure out why my dad deemed it necessary to have a different building for business meetings, I mean you can always use sound proof walls, if privacy is the issue,

Three different swimming pools, a ball room, a massive garden, and so many other things that I forget exist ,until we have to host a thing or two.

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