Stiliyan Dimitro

I walk out of the car, and I swear it felt like someone was watching, I look sideways to see if anyone was lurking around, as their are a few butlers at this part of the house,

I shrug it off, I am about to open the huge door to the entrance of the main hall, but Sam our butler beats me to it,

“Good evening miss Catalina,” “Good evening Sam,” 

“meeting room B3,” Sam says, I thank him and begin to ascend the stairs.


My head faced down as I made my first step, when suddenly I felt that feeling of been watched once again, I look up and stop dead in my tracks, it felt like time had stopped, at that moment I felt like a bucket of ice was poured over my head, I felt really cold, I could not move, I just stood there for what felt like hours, as I stared into those green eyes, I swear they sparkled in the lighting, his dirty blonde hair tousled, he wore a ripped jeans, and a black cardigan, with the sleeves rolled up, it was obvious that there was muscles underneath that cloth, he had a crooked smile formed across his alluring lips, and a cigar in his finger, but he looked so young like he was twenty or nineteen, he looked at me as if studying my movement, still with that smile like he found me amusing, I caught the scent of roses.

My phone rings jolting back to reality due to the vibration, I look at my phone to see the caller ID and it was Christian, I look back up, and he was gone, I pick up the phone and he immediately switches to video call, 

“hey babe, I miss you so much, where you at, and why are you all dressed up,” he says, furrowing his brows, 

“hey, I am meeting up with my dad for a business meeting,” he does not look too convinced, then I turned the camera to the rear view to show him my surroundings as he is familiar with this halls, he has attended business meetings here on several occasions,

 “Oh, alright, thought you were on a date or something” he begins to laugh in a sarcastic tone

“why are you laughing?, what’s funny?”I ask, feeling irritated 

“Nothing much babe, I just felt stupid for asking that, how can you be on a date?, you are not that stupid, alright good night babe, love you,” he does not wait for my response, he ends the call, I just stand there dumbfounded, this is what the rest of my life is going to be like, I run fingers through my hair feeling frustrated, I decide to shake it off as I begin to walk towards the meeting room.

I open the doors and I sight my father, he is seated at the far end of the table, their were other two men seated opposite each other I recognized one as one of my father’s lawyer and friend, Mr. Patrick Stewart, a man in his mid-fifties, I do not recognize the other. 

In my direct front was another man but his back was faced towards me as he sat directly opposite my father, I notice the dirty blonde hair which was similar to the one I just saw a few minutes ago, my knees become weak as I move forward, I walk past him and look to see, to make sure I was not seeing things and there he was again, I hold in a breath as I got a whiff of his scent, he smelt like roses. 

   He stood up, his height towering over me, he is definitely a six foot at least, he stretched out his hands and he spoke to me with an accent that was unfamiliar to me, and for a young looking boy, he had a really deep voice, there was something dominating about the tone of his voice that sent shivers through my spine, 

“Hello, I am Stiliyan Dimitro and you must be Catalina Brooks,”

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