“O my God!! Catalina Brooks is in love with a child” 

Anna says, while laughing hysterically, rolling on the floor being unnecessarily dramatic, laughing really hard, I just stare at her completely not amused, all I did was tell her everything I know and felt about Stiliyan, and what she got from that was love!!, I tell you this girl is nuts, I wait for her to dial it down with the laughter, it seems she is almost done, but begins to laugh again then stops getting all serious, 

“ Don’t tell me you are serious right now, you -felt what? , a jolt of electricity!, don’t be stupid Catalina, take a look at your finger, do you see that thing around it, it’s called a fucking engagement ring, you are engaged into one of the richest family on the planet, don’t think of anything stupid, you would be ruining your life and his life”

   “What is your problem? I never said I am getting married to the guy I have barely talked to him, I just told you how I felt, I mean he is a kid!” my voice sounding louder than I intended, 

“Catalina Brooks, you just fucking described love at first sight, he might be a kid but love does not care about age, you are going to Bulgaria with the guy!!, Catalina you have to avoid this boy like a plague, you are not only going to ruin your life and the life of your family but also that young boys life, and I know it might seem like I am over reacting but I can tell you this is more serious than you think,” she says to me with fear in her eyes

 “Anna, you are really blowing things out of proportion here, hold on a second, even if I was to love this guy, I thought you said you would always be by my side no matter what,” 

“honey, there is a difference between breaking up with Christian and breaking up with Christian for another guy after an engagement, that is a whole different story”

“you know what Anna I am done with this conversation, it’s stupid and completely unnecessary,”

 “no problem, if you say so, but promise me you would avoid him like a plague, promise me?”

 “I promise” I say to her, she does not seem convinced but she does not drag it further either and I am glad.

 “Pizza or Chinese?” She says,“Pizza” I grin, thankful that the conversation was over, we order pizza and while waiting, we decide on what wine to devour and then begin to watch a movie, few minutes later, the pizza arrives we eat and drink as while watching a movie, it was a comedy movie so we laughed a lot, we stayed this way for a while till we drifted off to sleep.

I wake up to the sound of someone banging at the door, I realize we slept off on the couch, 

“what the hell! Who the fuck is it,” Anna says, clearly irritated, she walks to the door and I walk behind her to see who was been so loud, and I am surprised to see Christian,

  “Hey, babe, surprise!, decided to end my trip a little early, I just got off the phone with your dad and he told me about your trip, why am I hearing this from your dad by the way?” he says

while walking in, 

“come on in” Anna says sarcastically, honestly I forgot to call or text Christian I have been preoccupied with the thought of Stiliyan, “been a little preoccupied with planning the trip and all,” 

 “You are planning a trip without my consent?” “I did not really see it as a big deal. I was about to call you actually,” I lie, “do you have a problem with it?” 

“ well it seems that your dad needs this deal, so i am just going to let it slide, I would visit you a lot anyways so it shouldn’t be much of a problem, don’t make decisions without talking to me first Cat, you should know better, 

“aaaand we are getting married immediately you get back by the way,” he says grinning excessively , stunned does not do justice to how I felt at that moment, but most importantly I was scared, 

“why the rush, we just got engaged” “what do you mean why the rush Cat, we have been dating for four years now, do you want us to be engaged for another four years? I have informed your mum and dad, and they couldn’t be any happier,” 

“of course you have” I mutter to myself, I look at Anna and she was giving me a sympathy look, 

“If you need anything Cat i'm just upstairs,” then she walks away, Anna and Christian don’t get along, and she does her best to avoid him whenever he is around, can’t really blame her though, the guy can be a high class prude most times, I seat on the couch and gesture for Christian to seat too, 

“How was your trip?” I ask, trying to create small talk,

“it was alright, nothing special, we are going on a date tonight, would text you the place and time, wear something pretty but with nothing under, you know how I like it, i have to go, walk me to the door would you?” “sure”

 as soon as we get to the door he turns around and gives me a kiss, pushing his tongue in trying to gain access, I oblige and we kissed for a few minutes , 

“See you tonight,” he says to me, “yeah” I simply replied, then he turned around and left, I let out a breath I had Idea I was holding.

Anna is telling me how an anonymous keeps sending her flowers at work, I when my phone rings, I look at the caller ID and I see it’s Christians mum, i’m surprised and I am about to panic, because she never calls, but then I remembered i'm to be married to her son in a month, I calm down

 “I gotta take this” I say showing Anna the caller ID, “oh” she said, looking concerned, then I slide to answer,

“Catalina dear, I hear you are to be married to my son in a month’s time, I won’t say you are the best choice for my son but the boy is smitten by you, you are not so terrible either, so I guess you would just have to do, what is this I hear about a business trip a month before your wedding, I mean, you are getting married to an actual billionaire, what more could you possibly be in search for?”

 all my time dating Christian, his mum has always looked down on me and I try not to let it get to me and today was no different either,

“It is a business trip for my father, not for the bank,” I reply to her, 

“I am aware it is for your father, we would become family soon, having his daughter become a Montero is that not enough? what is the use of expanding, well, a little more money won’t hurt I guess, anyhu, your mother and I would take care of the wedding preparations, all you have to do is show up,” 

“No problem,” I quietly say to her, rolling my eyes, honestly I could care less, and i’m really glad she is taking some weight off my shoulders,

 “I would contact you some other time, have a safe flight ,bye,” not waiting for my response, she ends the call immediately she was done speaking with me.

I look at Anna and see she was fast asleep, I let out a light chuckle, I swear, this girl can sleep anywhere, I go up to get a blanket when my phone rings and It’s my mother, I groan loudly, really not in the mood for my mother but I know she won’t stop calling till we talk, 

“Hello mum” I say quietly,

 “Catalina!!!!” she squeaks way too enthusiastic than expected, I knew she was going to be crazy happy, but not this much though,

 “ouch, mum! My ear drums, please! Jeez!” “I can’t believe my only daughter would be a Montero I’m so happy right now, I really don’t understand this business trip your father keeps insisting you have to embark on, but no problem darling, Juliana and I would take care of everything, your father wants to speak with you,” I hear shuffling then I hear my dad’s voice, 

“My princess, I know you might be angry with me because I am sending you on this trip, but we really need this Catalina, it’s a fresh, new company and its really promising, we are sure to make millions over the years I just hope you come back with good news, congratulations my dear, you always make me proud, I love you my princess, say hello to Anna for me,” 

“Love you too dad, bye Dad,” “bye princess, see you soon,” he says, then ends the call.

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