In Too Deep

   “Dinner at my place, you should be here before 7pm,”

 Says the text I got a few hours ago from Christian, Antonio is packed in front of Christians’ mansion, we arrived twenty minutes ago, I am bracing myself for what is to come, there is a normal routine whenever I come over; 

we have dinner, most times before dinner is over he starts touching me in a pathetic attempt to arouse me, but after a few seconds, he slides into me, oblivious to the dryness of my vagina, sometimes I never get wet, and would bleed when he is done, while sometimes my body betrays me and I get moist, or a little wet, irrespective of what my mind or heart might be feeling, they say the human body has a mind of its own, it drives me crazy at times like that but the good thing is, I don’t bleed when my body acts up, he never lasts over 5 minutes anyway, and when he is through with me he rolls over and drifts off to sleep,

I’m seated in my car bracing myself for the events of the night, when my phone vibrates, 

“where are you, it’s 7pm,”

“already here, I am driving in” I text back, I take in a long breath and tell Antonio to drive in.


The table is decorated with candles, there is a chef serving our food and I recognize him from one of those cooking shows, I look at Christian as he is seated opposite me, he has his hair gelled back, he is dressed in a plain jeans, whites and puma slides, he looks really handsome but I have no idea why I don’t love him, I have tried so many times to fall in love with him, but it’s like, the more I try the more I feel irritated, my life would be so much easier if I loved this man,

“Like what you see?” he says to me, smirking, I just smile in response and continue to eat my food,

I am dressed in a mini black leather skirt, a white singlet and a black leather jacket, and strap on heels. My phone vibrates in my pocket, I look at it and I see a text from Anna, 

“You lazy frog, I helped you pack, you owe me one, xoxo, muah,” I smile and put it back in my jacket,

 “who is that?” , Christian asks , “Anna, she was just letting me know she helped me pack,”

 “Why the announcement?What's the big deal,” he scoffs, I am in no mood for an argument, it’s pointless anyway, I say nothing and just continue to eat.

   “You look so beautiful Catalina,” he says to me as he strode over to my side of the table and starts kissing my neck, 

“I am not done with my food Christian,” I say quietly, 

“you don’t need the rest, I don’t want you getting fat,” he says to me in between kisses”. 

Let’s get this over with I say to myself, I turn around, I cup his face in my palms and begin to kiss him, he carries me bridal style up the stairs into his bedroom, he drops me too quickly on the bed and starts taking off his clothes, I do the same so as to save my dress from getting ripped, once he is done, he begins to stroke his shaft,

 “spit on it Catalina,” I do as I am instructed, he presses me down to the bed, spreads my leg and thrusts deep inside me, he keeps going for a few minutes then I feel a pool of wetness which I know is not mine, relief washes over me as I am sure he is done for the night, as usual he rolls over and drifts off to sleep.

 I walk to the bathroom to clean myself up, as I begin to wash off, images of Stiliyan clouds my mind, I begin to imagine Stiliyan touching me, I imagine his hands caressing my breasts, instinctively my fingers move towards my throbbing core and I could feel its slimy wetness, I hear my phone ring, bringing me out of my trance, I quickly wash off and drying myself, I rush into the room to the pick up my phone so Christian won’t wake up, I reach for my phone and see it’s a number that’s not saved on my phone, i answer the call, and nothing would have prepared me for the voice I heard, 

“We leave at dawn tomorrow, the jet would be at west 30th St Heliport,” 

“H Hello,” I stutter, but realize he dropped the call, “what a prude!” 

I decide to call him back but I quickly change my mind, I mean the message was pretty clear, I lay down on the bed as questions begin to swirl in my head ; how the hell did he get my number?, what’s with the tone?, and most importantly why does his voice have so much effect on me?, I was thinking of different possible answers as I finally drift off to sleep. 

I wake up by 4am, Christian is still sound asleep, I quietly dress up, leaving a note under his phone where I am certain he would see it, My note read;

 “headed off to Anna’s, I leave at dawn, would call you when I am settled in Bulgaria xoxo”.

Anna decided to drop me off at the airport after a long pep talk, apparently, she is still concerned about the whole Stiliyan thing, I tried to convince her that he is long forgotten, obviously leaving out the part that he has been in my every thought, I hate having to lie to Anna, but I can’t tell her about this either, I know she is right, whatever i am feeling does not matter, thankfully it seems Stiliyan can’t stand me, I guess I read him wrong at the business meeting.

There is no traffic as it is before dawn, only for a few cars and few people, its new york after all, just then our favorite song comes on, Anna and I have totally different taste in music but if there is one person we love and can totally die for, it’s Michael Jackson, we begin to sing along to “beat it” although we were graciously off key, we could care less, as we just enjoyed the moment.

   “I am really going to miss you, you little bitch, expect me every fucking weekend, okay?”  

“Sure thing, I love you,” I say to her as we hug and cry in each other’s arms, yes I know we are being overly dramatic, but that is just Anna and I. 

After a few minutes of us been ‘us’,

 “You look like shit” Anna says to me laughing, I look at my reflection and I see my mascara is smeared, I laugh at my reflection too as she helps we wipe it off, then she stops abruptly with her mouth agape, I notice she was looking at someone or something behind me, “is that him?” She asks me, looking completely stunned, her fingers pointed behind me, I turn around to see who she was referring to, 

There he was, dressed in a white cardigan, a ragged blue jean, and a white canvas, perfecting his look with a dark ray ban sunglasses, he looked absolutely gorgeous!! , next to him was the other guy I saw at the meeting, his lawyer John, I look away really fast to avoid locking eyes with him,

 “Snap out of it Anna!” Anna was still gawking at Stiliyan, “Yes he is hot” I say rolling my eyes, now can you finish up with the wiping, I need to get going, he might be young but he is kind of scary,

 “Wow! He is absolutely divine! This is more dangerous than I expected Cat, avoid him at all costs, I beg of you,” 

“This again!! Anna it’s going to be fine, forget what I told you I overreacted,” at that moment Stiliyan passes by without so much as a word, like he didn’t see us, which is impossible though from where we are seated, but his lawyer stops in front of me,

“Hello miss Catalina Brooks, we leave immediately,” he says to me, “sure no problem, would be right behind you,”

he walks away, trailing behind Stiliyan, 

“well, I see he does not give a fuck about you,” Anna says grinning, “maybe you are a little too old for him”, she starts laughing, “whatever! See, I told you, there is nothing to worry about,”

“I think so,” she says to me, finally looking convinced, we hug and say our goodbyes. 

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