“Why are you so lost in your thoughts?” Stiliyan says, as he sat next to me, legs crossed, ‘damn this man is sexy’, I mentally say to myself,

“I have no idea how badly they are going to take all of this, the news regarding the death of the heir to the Montero Empire should be everywhere, the airport is probably swamped with reporters, awaiting my arrival, I wonder how much they know? All this is going to be really difficult. 

Stiliyan, what are you going to do about all this, you might get arrested?” I say to him, revealing my biggest fear,

“Catalina, no one except your family knows we are on our way to Manhattan, I made sure of that,

 and Christian killed himself to save you, the only name the Montero’s can link to his death is Diego, and this is without prove, it will merely be an accusation without evidence, all the while you were locked up your dad, Sebastian, called me various times, plea

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