Dare devil

“Catalina!!!! My princess, how are you? Oh darling,” she says to me embracing me in a tight hug as she lets out a light sob, “mum I am okay, I am really okay” My dad and Ryan walk up to me as they embrace me in a tight hug too, this felt nice, I really missed my family, we finally break apart and my dad notices Stiliyan, 

“Thank you so much, thank you, we really appreciate and I am entirely grateful t..,” 

 “You must be Stiliyan, you look so young? Thank you for saving my daughter, we are forever indebted to you,”

“It was no big deal, you are welcome,” Stiliyan says with a smile on his face, but I could tell he is uneasy, I could see guilt in his eyes, 

My brother walks up to Stiliyan giving him a handshake thanking him too,

 “It was not all me, my best friend here played a very important role,” Stiliyan says gesturing towards john, 

“This is your lawyer; we’ve seen each other at the business meeting, 

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