Always and Forever

In life, everything sadly comes to an end, my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer 4 years ago, I guess all that smoking finally caught up with him, we have spent so many beautiful years together, I don’t think I am willing to let him go, it’s a miracle he has lasted this long, but these days he seems worse, I know he is trying to look strong for me but I know my husband, and my husband is in pain.

“a penny for your thought?” Stiliyan says in a low whisper, letting out a slight cough with blood stains on his handkerchief as he lay down,

“Mum, dad, what is going on? You called, is everything okay? Dad, are you alright?” my two children, ‘Annabel and Christian’ say as they walk into the room with our grandkids, ‘Elena, Iglika and Naiden,’ 

Annabel is married with two children, “Elena who is 16years of age and Naiden who is 13 years of age,” Christian is happily married with a daughter ‘iglika, who is 15 years,’

 I named my daughter afte

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