The Couple

"Fuck you!"

"Right back at you, sweetheart," Michael shoots back, slamming the fridge door shut.

"I'm not going to a dinner with your fucking ex-" Sam screams from the lounge.

"Fucking Jesus woman! She is my cousin's wife!"

Michael slams the beer down on the counter, popping the lid off as he drinks it quickly. His wife was a fucking nightmare.

"Do I give a shit? I'm your wife, and I'm telling you I'm not going. You've fucked her, Mick!"

"I was seventeen! You're a psychopath, you know that don't you?"

Sam storms in, her green eyes blazing as she stands in front of Michael, her hands on her hips. Michael can't help but admire her as she waves her hands around excessively, shooting her mouth off about some fling he'd had when he was younger. He was thirty-four now, for Christ's sake. His wife was the hottest woman he'd ever seen- yet her temper drove him wild with anger.

"It's a family dinner for my grandmothers eightieth birthda

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