Chapter 2

            Bethel's Pov:

I got to the dining where breakfast had already been served for me and I sat and ate. It was bagel and cream cheese. 

It was so boring eating alone but I was already getting used to it, since mum had the habit of not staying at home.

Sometimes, I wish my life was a little different from this. 

After consuming half of the meal, I stood up and left; walking out to the parking lot where my driver was already waiting for me.

"Good morning, ma'am Bethel" he greeted as I approached the black van. 

"Good morning Josh" I replied cursorily and walked in, taking the back seat. 

He got into the driver's seat and took off. 

I brought out my phone to while away time before getting to school. 

The driver turned on the car's fm and the channel that was tuned was talking about Ryan.


I tucked my hair behind my ear and tried listening to what they were saying. Well, what else could they say? 

"it's really a pleasure to know Ryan's back in Dallas - his home town. At least, the country's pride is now here with us" the presenter said 

"Yeah. I mean, I'm so excited. Even my little girl was dancing when she heard the news" someone else said and another laughed. 

" I really can't wait for his concert. I have a feeling the entire city will be there" the one who has laughed said.

"yeah. It's not something anyone would want to miss. Ryan Winthorp live on stage"

" It's gonna be a blast"

I sighed and took my eyes back to my phone. Geez! His pictures were all over the net.

I can't believe this. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan everywhere. Can't they think of someone else?

I rolled my eyes and logged in to my inbox to reply some messages.

After a while, we arrived at Royal High School and when the driver had stopped the van, I opened the door and stepped out.

"Bye ma'am" he said to me as I came out and I is waved at him and proceeded to my classroom. 

As I walked along the premises, the whole school kept buzzing with the news if Ryan's return. Each student I came across were all in pairs and groups, taking about Ryan while going through his pictures on their phones. 

" He's so cute! 

" I wish I get to touch him at the concert

"How on earth will you touch him? Do you plan to turn into a ghost? 

"Oh! Ryan, I wonder who his girlfriend could be. If I were her, I'd kill my own father just to make sure I don't lose him. 


I rolled my eyes and tried ignoring all the buzz but couldn't as the entire building was filled with Ryan's name.

I took the stairs and following the right route, I finally got to my classroom. 

Okay; now this is more wierd. 

As expected, every student in the room were grouped and paired, talking about - Mr Popular. 

I sighed and walked into the class and Nicole who was already waiting for me on our seats, waved at me even before I got there. We were actually seat mates.

"Hello girlfriend" she beamed when I got there and sat in front of her.

She wasn't really on her seat, but was on the seat in front of mine and she sat, facing me.

"Hi" I rolled my eyes and said, remembering how she disrupted my sound sleep because of Ryan. 

"Come on, B, don't tell me you're still angry over that little issue. You should be happy I woke you up." She said, pouting her pretty lips. 

"indeed. You're so annoying, Nic" I told her and she smiled.

"Whatever. By the way, aren't you glad Ryan's back? I mean, you're gonna be in the same state with Mr popular" she said ecstatically. 

"Like I'll get to touch him, or its gonna add anything to my life" I replied. 

"You're so funny, Bethel. You act like you don't like him, but deep down, you're ready to kill for him" she said with a teasing look.

"FYI, I already have a boyfriend" I bragged, showing my ring less finger to her.

"That anonymous boyfriend of yours? You're not in love with him, Bethel. You're only in love with love" she said and I hit her on the shoulder. 

"Are you crazy? Stop speaking gibberish, okay? I love Jackson with my whole heart" I told her and she rolled her eyes with a 'whatever'.

"By the way, Bethel; hope you'll be going along with me to Ryan's concert? I've gotten a ticket already" she said and I scoffed. 

"I'm not going. You can find someone else" I replied. 

But of course that was a lie. I mean, what will I be doing all alone at home? 

"Come on Bethel; are you kidding me? The entire city will be there. You're coming with me no matter what!" She said with a playful frown. 

"Oh! Really? Well, I'd love to see you try".

She opened her phone and started going through his pictures. 

"Oh! Bethel; he's so dreamy! I wish I'd be able to attend his home coming party at his house tomorrow. Too bad it's strictly on VIP invitations" she said wistfully. 

'He's holding another party tomorrow?" I asked 

"Oh! Not really him, but his mum. She's holding a special party to celebrate his return. You know, she treasures him a lot".

"He's her only child, right?"

"Yeah. And the heir to the Winthorp incorporated. Although, his step siblings have their eyes on it".

"How did he even end up in a polygamous family? I heard his mum betrayed her best friend which was Mr Winthorp's first wife by sleeping with her husband and getting pregnant with Ryan".

Three girls who were beside us suddenly turned and looked at me and that was when I realised I had been a bit loud. 

I rose my brows a them and they looked away and continued with what they were doing. 

Yeah, whatever. 

"Well," Nicole started in a lower tune now. 

"That's what the rumours says. Currently, Mr Winthorp has two wives and five kids - two girls from his first wife, one boy from his second wife which is Ryan's mum, and one boy and a girl from his third wife. And they stay together in the Winthorp mansion. 

"Woah! That's crazy" I flinched.

"Yeah. And how It all started; his first wife was unable to give him a son. She went through a hard time getting pregnant in the first place and when she gave birth, it turned out to be a girl. Mr Winthorpe decided to exercise a little patience and she took in again but when she gave birth, it turned out to be a girl again. This time around, he lost his patience and he was a flirt and that's the reason his children are also flirts.

"So, Ryan's mother was a friend to his first wife and according to the to the rumors, she's always had her eyes on the Winthorpe wealth. So, Mr Winthorp approached her and she fell for him and boom! She got pregnant with Ryan who became Mr Winthorp's first so.

"As a result, she demanded for a legitimate position and Mr Winthorp had to get married to her. That way, Ryan became his first legitimate son and the heir to the Winthorp incorporated

"But after a short time, it became known that Mr Winthorp had a mistress who was pregnant for him. She gave birth and it turned out to be a son and also being desperate, she made Mr Winthorpe get married to her and that is how he ended up having a total of three wives and now, the Winthorp family is on fire"

"On fire?" I cut in and she nod 

"You know the Winthorp incorporated is the richest company in the US. They deal in the UK buildings and marketings of real estate. Now tell me, who wouldn't want to be the heir of such fortune?

"Although, Ryan's the first legitimate son of Mr Winthorp and the rightful heir to the company, his other siblings are trying to make sure they take the position from him. So, they're all at loggerheads with each other"

"So...they're all competing for the company?" I asked, folding my hands. 

Immediately, the ABC girls walked in and all eyes diverted to their direction as they walked in stylishly. 

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