Chapter 7

They were three in number and just one was sitting and smoking while the rest remained standing. 

Probably, the one sitting and smoking was actually the boss. 

Seriously? As young as he was?

I scoffed and shook my head.

"Sorry, I'm not interested" I said bluntly and tried walking away, but they held me back by the arm. 

This time around, it was the one who hadn't said a word.

"Sorry, hot legs; but you're going nowhere" he said with a smirk and it made my heart leap.

I huffed and looked at him. 

"What are you talking about? Let me go!' I said and tried withdrawing my head from his, but couldn't. 

Surprisingly, they started dragging me away and I couldn't stop them.

"Let me go!" I shrieked as they both held my hand and took me to the so called boss.

They stopped when we got there. 

"What's the meaning of this?" I asked in a peeved manner as I stood in front of the rogue guy who was smoking. 

He chuckled and brought the cigarette down from his lips. 

"What's your name?" He asked after a pause and I scoffed. 

"That should be of no concern to you. Just tell your boys to let me go" I replied angrily and scared at the same time. 

I mean, they seemed dangerous. 

He stared at me for a while without saying a word. 

"I like you, and I want you." He finally said with a leer and my fears increased, but I tried not to show it. 

"Well, I don't like you and I don't want you. Just let me go" I said rather pleasingly and he smiled and leaned back on his chair. 

"You tryna prove hard to get huh?" He asked with a smirk and next, he stood up. 

Oh, God! 

Immediately, a police car drove in - not to our direction tho - but a plaza opposite us. 

Thank goodness. 

I turned and looked at the so called leader and noticed he also looked diffident. 

Without any hesitation, I started run - walking away.

yes, I did and was sure they couldn't follow me because of the presence of the police. 

I ran as quickly as I could back to the car and immediately I got in, the driver scorched off. 

Gosh! What a scare; 

I really don't know what to do about my shape anymore. It's always getting me into trouble. 

What would've happened if the police hadn't showed up? 

I looked at my hand and noticed I was still holding my sauced meat with me. I almost forgot. Still feeling hungry, I leaned back and continued eating from it. 

We finally got home and I alighted from the car, feeling really buggered. 

I couldn't wait to go into my room and get some sleep.

I opened the door of the sitting room and surprisingly, I found mum sitting on the couch.


I paused at the door and stared at her, feeling surprised to see her there. 

She was sitting with her hands crossed, going through some papers and holding a glass of wine in her hand. 

I sighed and walked in.

"Good evening mum" I greeted perfunctorily as I got to where she was. 

"And where are you coming from?" She asked without looking at me.

Her eyes were still fixed on the papers she was going through. 

"I went for Ryan's concert...together with Nicole" I shrugged and replied. 

"By this time of the night? Do you even know what the time is? Don't you know it's risky staying out alone upto this hour?" She asked, now staring at me.

"Well, I had no idea you wouldn't be sleeping at the office today. I'm not a ghost" I replied

"Shut up, Bethel. I don't expect you to be a ghost before knowing the right thing to do".

"Seriously mum, you wouldn't blame me for it. I guess you have no idea what I go through staying at home alone, having no one to talk to. Sometimes, I almost forgot what it feels like being in the company of others and that's the reason I make use of an opportunity when I see one" I replied rather angrily. 

Then she sighed and stood up with the wine in her hand.

"Bethel" she called softly and used her free hand to brush the front part of her hair. 

"I understand how you feel. But I want you to know everything I'm doing is for your own benefit. Don't worry, there's something big I'm working on and pretty soon, it'll be accomplished and put an everlasting smile on your face".

I stared at her in awe, wondering what she meant and she smiled.

"Go upstairs and get some sleep. It's late" she said and walked away, leaving behind the papers on the couch. 

I stood and thought for a while, trying to figure what she meant. 

My phone started ringing, snapping me out of my thoughts. 

I checked and discovered it was Jackson. 

"Hello?" I said on the phone, taking the stairs. 

"Bethel, can you hear me?" He asked.


I opened the door of my room and walked in, sitting on the bed. 

"Bethel please, we really need to talk. I'm so sorry for what happened. Please give me a chance to explain" he pleaded on the phone. 

"I'm tired Jackson; I can't talk now".

"Okay; okay. Why don't we fix a date tomorrow. Huh? please. Let's meet up and discuss".

I remained silent. 

"Bethel?" He called. 

"Fine; I'll let you know when I'm chanced. Good night' I said and dropped the call immediately. 

I took off my sandals and laid straight on the bed, feeing so tired to even change my clothes.

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