Chapter 8

The next morning, 

I woke up to the sound of my alarm which I angrily turned off.

I sat up on the bed and itched my eyes, trying to get over the sleep. 

Gosh! I still felt so dizzy.

I left the bed and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Then, I went to the dining to check if breakfast was ready. I mean, I was starving. 

As I climbed down the stairs approaching the dining, I saw someone already seated there. 

Huh? Mum?

I furrowed my brows in surprise as I went closer. What's she still doing here? I mean, I can't find the last time I woke up and found her still at home. 

"Mum...good morning" I greeted with surprise. 

"Oh! Bethel; you're just in time to join me for breakfast. Come on" she said and I scoffed and took a seat, facing her. 

She was already dressed up and it was obvious she'd be leaving any moment from bow. 

She was putting on a white trouser suit with the upper buttons open, exposing her chest a little. 

Well, my mum was a crazy fashion woman. She was very young and pretty and always dressed to kill. 

If you weren't told I was yer daughter, you'd actually think we were sisters because of how young and hot was. I know of countless billionaires running crazy over her.

Well, the truth is; I'm proud having someone like her for a mother. The only problem is; she doesn't have time for me.

"By the way, Bethel" she said; breaking the brief silence. 

"I want you to get ready in time cause we'll be going for Ryan's home - coming party tonight'.

I almost spilled tea from my mouth as it hit at me.


"R...Ryan's home -coming party?" I shrieked. 

"You mean we'll be going to the Winthorpe mansion?" I asked with disbelief and she nodded. 


"Why?" I asked abacked. 

"And what do you mean why? I mean, everyone's wishing to be there. Shouldn't you feel lucky to be among the privileged? 

"Anyway, Ryan's mum invited me, so I have to attend. And you're coming with me" she replied and took a bite from the bread toast.

"But mum..."

"What is wrong with you, Bethel? Why are you dragging it?" She asked with a stern look and I sighed and looked down at my food. 

But I'm supposed to have a date with Jackson today

Immediately, her phone started ringing and she mute it after checking the caller. 

"I'll be home to pick you by 6. Better don't keep me waiting" she said callously and stood up with her bag.

"I'll be on my way now" she added and started walking away while I just played pathetically with my food.

Why does she want me to go along with her to the party? What am I going to do with Jackson now? 



After eating, I took my bath and got ready for school. 

I still couldn't stop thinking about the whole thing.

On my way to class, I was interrupted by two boys who stood in front of me, smiling like cats. 

"Hey B" one of them called and licked his lips.

I huffed and tried walking away but the second one held me back. 

"Hey, hey, hey; chill okay? Um...Mawthie just wants us to deliver this letter to you" he said and proffered a piece of paper he was holding. 

Gosh! I should've known. 

"Well, tell him to go to hell" I said and starred walking away but turned back to look at them. 

"And one piece of advice; I think it'd be best if you stopped being errand boys" I added and continued on my way. 

Mawthie was the leader of the gangster here in Royal High and he's always been trying to get me on his side. But I guess his stupidity wouldn't let him see I can never agree to someone like him. 

I walked into the class and met Nicole there already. She always comes to school before me.

"Hey B" she waved at me as I got to where she was. 

The ABC girls were not in class. Perfect. 

"Hi" I said blearily as I took my seat next to Nicole. 

The class was kind of noisy as all the ladies were talking about Ryan's concert.

"Hey, are you okay? You look moody" Nicole stated with a grouch. 

"Well, it's mum. She's such a kill Joy" I replied. 

"Huh? What happened this time?" 

"She wants me to go with her to Ryan's home coming party" I replied and she screamed.


"Nicole!" I called in shock as all eyes darted to our direction. 

Why the hell did she scream that way?

"What's wrong with you?" I growled and she laughed. 

"Oh, my! Bethel, I'm just so excited. I mean, are you serious? You're really going to the party?" she asked and I looked around and thank goodness, the rest of the students had taken their eyes away from us.

"Well, yes. Mummy said Ryan's mum invited her over." I replied and she almost screamed again, but covered her mouth with her palm. 

"Oh, my God! Bethel, you're so lucky. But hold on; why are you looking moody then?" She asked with her brows furrowed.

"Well, I'm supposed to have a date with Jackson today..."

"What? F**k Jackson B;" she cut me off.

"Are you kidding me? You're upset about going to the Winthrop mansion because of Jackson? Do you even know how lucky you are right now? I've called all my relatives around the city to city to see if any of them was invited to the party, but unfortunately, none.

"Don't you know by going to this party, you have 60% possibility of getting to see Ryan face to face? You might even end up talking to him. Oh, my gosh! I seriously wish there was a way we could do a face swap right now, Bethel. I wish I had a mother like yours" she said wistfully while I just stared at her with disbelieve. 


I shook my head and didn't say anything. 

"Wow! Kyle's in school today" she said after a brief silence and I lifted my eyes to see the braniac - Kyle - entering into the class.


He was the most intelligent boy in school and was given an award last semester as the best student.

And for that, people nicknamed him - the braniac. 

His uncle is actually the owner of the school, but he hardly talks and doesn't have any friends and people actually think he's snobbish. 

Well, whatever. 

"Seriously Bethel, you're so lucky to be attending Ryan's home coming party" Nicole continued and I itched my ear.

"I wonder what the Winthrop mansion looks like. I've only seen it on the net, but I'm sure it's going to be more gorgeous than that..."

She went on talking and not long after, the crazy ladies walked in. 

Yeah - ABC.

"Hey, handsome" Cheryl waved at Kyle as they walked pass him, but he didn't even lift his head to look at her. 

Alma and Blair chuckled and she rolled her eyes. 

They got to their seats which were In front of Nicole and I - and Blair winked at me before they all sat.

Annoying things. 

Blair brought out her phone and surprisingly, the projector in front of the class got turned on and it started displaying pictures of Blair and Ryan together. 

Not like they were together, but it was photo shopped and seemed so real like they had taken the pics together. 

Huh? How was she able to connect to the projector? 

All the students in the class gasped as they watched the sliding pictures on the projector. 

This girl's really crazy. 

Then, Blair stood up and faced the class. 

"How does this look? Aren't we perfect together?" She asked, grinning widely. 

"It's dumb" someone from the back said and I had to smile.

Blair fumed and Alma stood up. 

"Really? If it's dumb, then you're a dumb ass" she said and few students laughed. 

Immediately, the projector went off and we all looked in surprise and discovered it was done by Kyle who had made use of his phone.

Wow! How do they manage to do this? 

Well, like I said, Kyle was very intelligent and was also an expert in the tech field. 

"Hey, why did you do that?" Blair grouse but he just focused on the book he was reading. 

I think the only time I've heard this guy speak is when he's answering a question. 

Few of the students started sniggering and Blair and Alma had to return to their seats. 

Hm. Serves them right. 

"Wow! What an attitude" Nicole whispered to me and I shrugged. 



The rest of the day in school was as usual and when I got home, I had to call Jackson and tell him of the postponement of the date. 

"Gosh! I can't believe I'm really going to Ryan's party. What will I even wear? 

I riffled through my wardrobe for a while and finally settled on a blue jean trouser and jacket.


I wore them on and applied a light make up on my face. 

Mum told me not to keep her waiting when she returns. So, I wanted to get ready in time.

After a while, mum returned and we left for the party together. 

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