Chapter 10

"Oh!" He mouthed and paused.

"Well, she can still make use of it. It isn't like she's gonna bump into the room he's using or something. Just be careful; Bethel; okay?"


I...I don't think I can go in.

"He had gone left. So, I think you should go right" one of the guards said, looking at me.

Oh, my God!

They're really letting me in.

I was tempted to say 'I'll wait',

But I was so pressed and needed to wee.

What do I do?

"Come on, Bethel. Or do you wanna wait?' Mum's friend asked and I looked at him, speechless.

Then, I shook my head and started walking in. Oh, God! I suddenly feel so nervous.

Ryan's in here?

What if he sees me?

Like...We get to meet or something?

I kept counting my steps as I walked into the big room which looked like a sitting room and then I got to a passage with a parting.

Hold on; which way did the guard ask me to go out again?

Oh, God! I've forgotten.

I looked left and right and took the left passage.

I walked steadily, looking at the different rooms which lined up.

I tried opening the first one, but it was locked.

I went over to the second one, still locked.

Then, I got to the third one and noticed it was open.

But just when I was about opening it, I suddenly heard strange voices from the fourth room.


What's going on there?

I left the third door and walked silently to the fourth.

The voices became clear. Was someone in?

Wait! Could this be the passage Ryan had taken?

I placed my ear on the door and...

Oh, my God!!!

What the hell?

They were...

They were moans...sexual moans.

I could clear hear the lady's voice:

"Oh, Ryan...


F**k me harder...

Oh, yeah



I gasped and furrowed my brows in surprise.

Oh, my God! Was this for real?

I shook my head and placed my ear on the door again. I could only hear the lady's voice. Ryan wasn't even moaning.

Oh, my! Was he really there? So the rumours were true? He's really a flirt?

I sighed and stared at the door.

This is so unbelievable.

I can't believe Ryan's actually making out with a lady in the restroom.

I shook my head in bewilderment and went over to the next door which was a bit far from Ryan's.

I got in and quickly sat on the seat, realising all the liquid.

Gosh! This feels so good.

I placed my chin on my palm and reminisced what I just heard. It was still shocking to me.

That was the first time I had been that close to people making out and I just couldn't believe it.

So; the almighty Ryan was having a good time with a lady in the restroom? No wonder he told the guards not to let anyone in.


I can't wait to tell Nicole about this.

I wonder who that lady is. She must feel like the luckiest girl on earth right now.

How dumb!

After spending a long time on the toilet seat cogitating, I stood up and looked around for some water, but couldn't find any. I used the one connected to the toilet to flush.

Then, I went out of the room and decided to look around for the washbasin.

I needed to wash my hand.

I glanced at "Ryan's" room and wondered if they were still in there.

I didn't go to check but just went ahead to look for the washbasin.

Luckily, I found one around the corner and I kept my bag on the table and tuned on the water.

There was a big mirror in front of it and as I washed my hands, I looked at myself in the mirror and stupidly smiled.


I looked down at the water and was about turning it off when a thin light shun pass me from the mirror.

What light was that? It seemed to be reflections from jewelries.

I lifted my head to the mirror and I swear, for the first time in my life, I felt my heart skip.




I quickly turned in a flash and found him standing and staring at me from a distance. He was leaning against the wall.

His dark eyes bored into mine and that was when I realised the light I had seen was from the pure gold jewelries he was putting on.

Oh, my God!

My throat suddenly went dry. Why am I this nervous?

I'm...I'm standing in front of Ryan Winthorp!

For real?

I was so speechless and didn't even know what to say or do; to move or stand?

"What're you doing here?" He finally asked in a cold voice, staring vacuously.

"I thought I ordered the guards not to let anyone in?"

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