Chapter 70

       Bethel's Pov:

I felt myself lying on a cold floor. I felt so dizzy.

I opened my eyes blearily and tried to adjust to the dimness in the room.

My head kinda ached.

I stared upwards and my eyes ran into the ceiling.

That was when I confirmed I was really on the floor.

Hold on; where am I?


I quickly sat up and looked around. I was in an empty room. What the hell? And I noticed my hands were tied.

What the hell?

I stood on my feet but couldn't move as a result of the rope.

I felt so scared. How can Jackson do a thing like this?

"Jackson?" I called, my voice echoing in the empty room.

"Is anyone there?" I called again, fearfully.

Suddenly, the door opened and he walked in - Jackson. He walked in with one other boy who stood by the door with a gun

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