Chapter 73

      Bethel's Pov:

I couldn't tell why the boys tied me up after bringing me back to the room. I thought the so called boss said he didn't want me to get hurt?

I was so restless and scared - and confused. What did Jackson father mean by saying I was his daughter? Was that a lie or what? 

Of course, it was a lie! There was no way that could be true. He can't possibly be my father. I mean, I wouldn't be here in the first place - tied up like a slave.

I breathed out deeply. What could his reasons be for bringing me here? Whatever they are, they're definitely not good. How do I get out of here?

Oh God! My baby.

Thank goodness there was no bleeding yet. At least, it meant the baby was still safe. I just hope I get out of this alive. I hope Ryan gets to meet complete with his baby. I hope nothing goes wrong.

Suddenly, the door opened and two boys came in, on

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