Chapter 76

    Bethel's Pov:

I looked in amazement as they walked in. I hadn't seen her since we graduated from High School.

And oh! There was someone else with her - a young charming boy.

"What're you doing here?" Ryan asked her immediately he turned and saw her.

"Please, I'm not here for trouble. I...I just came to see Bethel - to say hi to her". She replied instantly, raising her both hands in the air.

They walked in fully into the room, her son beside her.

"Come on Matilda, let's talk outside"Ryan's mum said to my mum and they left the room together.

"Um...hi Bethel" Shirley cleared her throat and said.

"Hi aunt Bethel" her son said in a sweet tone.

"Mummy told me about you".

Huh? She did?

'Hi" I tried to smile back at him.

"How're you feeling now?" He asked and I was amused at the smartness in hi

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