Chapter 77

     Bethel's Pov:

"How long does it have to take, Ryan?" I asked impatiently as he kept driving for what seemed like forever to me.

"Chill, Bethel. Come on" he grouse and I rolled my eyes.

Well, I couldn't wait to see the surprise.

I sighed and brought out my phone, going through the net.


"This stuff is really trending online, Ryan: Gentle Aura caught hugging a strange lady in front of an hotel" I read out the headline to him.

I couldn't believe Nicole's picture was all over the net.

"When will you be going to see your dad?" He suddenly asked and my countenance changed.

"I don't know" I muttered.

"I don't think I even wanna see him".


"I'm just scared, Ryan" I cut him off, calmly tho.

"That man tried to kill me! He'd have consciously cut off

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Nice.... Sweet... A must read. Truly enjoyed it. ......
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Sonia de Morales
Good story I enjoyed reading it!!
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