Magical Meteorite, The Past (BOOK 2)
Magical Meteorite, The Past (BOOK 2)
Author: GG

Chapter One

This is my life. Having to change the way we live and forage for what we needed. Us humans went from going to the store to buying what our normal day items and going to work to trading at a certain point of day and protecting our families from what lies in the shadows. My name is Susan but my friends and family call me Sussie. There aren't many left that call me any name and I'm alone on most days. It was hard at first but life got easier, easier to care for myself and realize the human population would go extinct. In the beginning, I was afraid of walking outside and looking out my window. I was afraid if I would ever see my family again. I lost my husband during what they call the first wave but before we get to that, let me start from the beginning. 



“Alex babe, you need to leave for work.” I said while shaking him while hovering above. All he did was roll over and cover his face with the pillow. Hearing snoring noises, I shake him once more and was suddenly grabbed and thrown on the bed.  

“What are you doing! I love you but you need to go to work. I just got home from my shit ass job and now it's your turn!” The consistent movement of his fingers on my ribcage was causing the most insane laughter coming out of my mouth. I hate being tickles and he knows it.  

“But baby, I don't want to go today! Wouldn't it be better if I stayed home and we snuggle all day together? You have the next two nights off and I can take the next two days off.” Giving me his puppy dog eyes, I break from his arms ignoring how cute my husband can be in the morning. 

This man is adorable when he begs but I work at a hotel third shift and he works in construction during the day. Missing any days will kill our plans for expanding our house and building our coops for the farm animals we want to have. Alex and I got married about a year ago and shortly after we bought a small ranch house on four acres in the middle of no wear. 

Once we have children, our plan is that I will be the stay-at-home mom and care for our farm while he works to bring home the bread. Unfortunately, children have not been in the books just yet but I'm hoping soon.  

“Please get up and get ready? I'm going to take a small nap today and then work on the yard. I love you and I would love for you to stay home but your vacation is a month away and we can't lose out on any money.” I say with a stern voice. I would love to be with my husband day and night but that will have to wait till were older. Now, we have responsibilities and a plan that we need to stick to.  

Slowly, Alex rolled out of bed with his shoulders slumped while heading towards the bathroom to shower. I smiled knowing I won the war and I walked into the kitchen to start making breakfast. Shortly after the eggs, bacon and toast were done, a crabby Alex stumbled into the kitchen and grabbing himself a cup of coffee.  

“Ya know, if I didn't love you, I would stay home.” He said while taking a sip of coffee. Laughing, I rolled my eyes while I put a plate of food in front of him.  

“Quit with the poor attitude and eat, I need a strong man to go to work and bring home the bread.” Grabbing myself a cup of coffee, I stand on the other side of the island smiling down at Alex. Looking towards the window, he checked the clock and started to panic. Shaking my head, I watch him scarf down his food in record time. When he finished, Alex grabbed another cup of coffee for the road and kissed me bye.  

“I love you babe; get some rest and I will see you after work.” He said running to his truck. I waved him off and headed for the house. My favorite thing in the morning is sitting in my chair watching the news while drinking my coffee. I never understood why my parents watched the news while I was growing up but now, I have picked up the habit. As I sat watching the weather for the week, the phone started ringing.  


“Hey sis, how's it going?” 

“Hey Jane, everything's great. Just drinking my coffee.” 

“Well, I saw a meteorite just hit Texas and the hole is huge. There talking like it's some magical meteorite since there's a green glow or mist coming from it. It's kind of cool!” 

Jane is my older sister; she lives in the city and is paranoid about everything. Her and our mother are one of the same. I see a meteorite and I'm like, wow a big rock and hole but they are most likely planning for the end of the world. It's quite funny what qualities we each got from our parents. I'm mellow like our dad and she is a spaz like mom. 

“Yea, I'm watching that now and it is kind of neat. How's my nephews doing? Growing big I bet. I need you guys to make a visit down here. Mom and dad miss you and I miss my nephews.” 

“Yea, were planning next month to make a trip and stay for a few days but let me call you later, mom is calling me.” 

“Yup, like clockwork. Tell mom I'm sleeping and to call me later.” 

Jane giggled and hung up. My mom enjoys calling us both each morning and spends about an hour on the phone. I love my mom but I'm too tired for that today. Hanging up the phone with Jane, I watch the news and my gut starts feeling uneasy.  

There have been meteorites before but none have caused such a large up roar. Making news with how large this one is has me on edge. 

On the TV, there showing thousands of people traveling to see the mysterious green mist and how stunning it looks. Me, nope. I'm quite content staying away front something that could be toxic. Placing my cup on the end table, I reach up and stretch my back. I think its time for bed; my body is sore and I need a complete restart for the day. Turning the TV off, I lock the doors and head to bed. This excitement has made me extra sleepy and now I want to soak up the tranquility. Laying my head down, my pillow has never felt so fluffy. Rubbing my head back and forth, I lay still for a moment and drift to sleep. 

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