Chapter Two


Rolling over, my hand starts beating against the bed. Opening one eye slowly, I manage to locate my phone under the pillow. Reaching under, I slide out and see Alex is calling. 

“Hello?” Answering in a groggy voice. 

“Hey love, I'm getting off work in a few hours. I need you to head to the store and stock up on items. That meteorite has caused people to go in a panic and there clearing our stores. Just grab emergency items and head back home. The stores here in town are a mad house so the ones close by you should be ok right now.” I sit up in a panic while rubbing my eyes. What does he mean the stores are being cleared out. That worried feeling in my gut returned as I rush out of bed and started to get dressed.

“Ok, I'll leave now. Be careful on your way home. Are you working tomorrow?” 

“For right now yea. Hopefully they call it off but I won't know till tomorrow.” 

“Ok, I love you and I'll call you when I get back.” 

“I love you too, be careful.” And we hung up.  

Running around the house gathering the things I will need and I also grabbed my gun. Having my conceal and carry is nice but I've never had to use it before. I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Feeling uneasy about this whole situation still, I lock the doors and head to my truck.  

Living in the country is nice because no one wants to live out here. It's quiet and we never have problems. It takes me fifteen minutes to get to the main road and I don't mind soaking in complete serenity on the way there. Everything seems normal until I get to the end of my road and see red and blue lights. There are sirens and police everywhere. I go in instant panic as I pull up to this large orange barricade and roll my window down to speak to one of the officers blocking the road.  

“Hey Don, what is going on? Am I able to make It to the store?”   

“All the city folk are trying to come out here and clear our stores so we blocked all the roads getting here. It's a complete mad house in the city but we will do our best to protect our small town.” He spoke.  

“Thanks Don. Please be careful out here and if you need anything, give us a call.” Waving me through the barricade and closing it right behind me. I have never seen him look so serious. Living here my whole life, you know each person that lives in the small town. Don is my favorite police officer, he would rather be funny and enjoy his days than being a strict prick.  Driving down the street it looked like a ghost town with no a car insight on the main road. Our town is a lovely place and very lively. We have town cookouts and holiday parties together each year so this was out of character.  

Pulling up to the local store, there are only a few cars here which is pretty normal. Parking, I head right in like it was a normal day. Waving to the cashier, she glanced while rolling her eyes. I sure do love kids these days. Shaking her rude behavior, I grab a cart and start making my way through the store. The shelves were stocked like normal and the store was as clean as ever. Quickly I made it around to get the things that will last in the food isle and then I headed to the medical isle. Thinking worst case, I grab triple of everything. The lady at the register was looking at me funny but didn't say anything. Good, she can keep her attitude to herself.  

Normally if you are carrying a weapon, people tend to stay extra quiet which in this case I was glad. I was really wanting to make it home fast in hopes to meet Alex so we can talk about what he heard and what we will be doing next. Loading up the car, I start seeing more and more cars pulling in. Thankfully I came when I did. Placing my cart in the caddy. I rush to the truck and head back home.  

Heading back, Don waved me through and I was home free. Driving down my road in peace and not a worry in the world. I just hope things won't change to take this view from me. Pulling in the driveway, Alex pulls in behind me.  

“Hey babe, you get everything ok?” He asks heading towards the bed of the trunk.  

“Yea, I got triple of everything. I hope that's enough.  

“Yea, I think this whole thing is going to blow over. My boss said were coming in at our normal time tomorrow.” Now that he said that with a calm voice, I feel a little better. If this thing was a hazard, they would tell folks to stay home just incase. Unloading the truck, I hear the house phone go off. Rushing in the house, I answer and it was my mom.  

She was talking about how the world was ending and how families were stocking up on goods and heading for bunkers. Rolling my eyes, I told her to stay home and we were staying also. Not completely a lie since I'll be staying home. Hanging up the phone, I walk over to the TV and turn the news on for a new update

You can see how people are swarming the meteor and others are swarming the stores. There showing videos of empty isles and people going crazy in the towns. The news lady is telling people to not panic and go on with our days like normal. I can understand her asking people to stay calm but when food is gone off the shelves, people are going to panic.

Alex and I chose to spend the rest of our night watching movies and snuggling on the couch. It's rare he gets home early but when he does, we always are busy getting the farm ready. Tonight was different though. Seeing the world going into a panic made us want to appreciate the love and simple life we live.   


Next morning, I woke up to an empty bed. A note laid beside me from Alex. 'You looked so peaceful; I didn't want to wake you. See you when I get home. I love you.' A smile stretched across my face as I set the note down. Rolling out of bed, I got up and was thankful today felt like a normal day. As always, I walk into the kitchen and make my first cup of coffee for the day. Waiting for my liquid gold to be done, I look out my backyard and smile at all the trees in full bloom. Spring time is in full blume and I love watching the world turn green.   

Gathering my coffee, I walk into the living room. as sit to relax and turn on the TV, everything on the news went crazy. The mist spread overnight and all the people in the surrounding towns vanished. The news was telling all folks to stay indoors and wait for an update.  

"What do you mean stay indoors and wait?!" I stand yelling at the TV with coffee in one hand and the remote in the other.

I instantly grabbed my phone and called Alex. No matter if he is busy at work, he always answers my phone call. Ring after ring there was no answer. In this moment my hands were shaking and I was beginning to panic. 

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