Chapter Three

Grabbing my car keys as I race to leave the house and my phone rings.  

“Hello? Alex! Are you alright? What's going on?” Feeling my body suddenly pause waiting for his answer. Sweat starts dripping down my face as my adrenalin begins to spike.  

“There are monsters babe, I'm not going to make it. They tore through the construction site and started tearing my men limb from limb.” After finishing his sentence, he started having a pained coughing fit.  

“Baby, your fine! Make it to your truck and drive home! I can take care of you!” Tears roll down my face and my hand started to shake as I grasp my phone tightly against my ear.  

“No Susan, I'm tore up. They gashed my whole abdomen and I'm bleeding out. I'm hiding in a storage building so I can talk to you one last time. I won't even make it if I head for the truck.”  

“Please Alex, don't leave me! What should I do? I can come get you!”  

“Don't you dare leave the house! These beasts are like human wolves. They look normal one minute and then they turn into these horrific beasts. Don't trust no one Susan, you hear me!” Alex said as he grunted in pain. Crying so hard, I can't let go. I can't say goodbye to my husband.  

“I love you Susan. Stay alive for me and stay strong.” Whispering as he tried to take a deep breath. My husband can't die; not like this.   

“I love you too. Please try to make it home, I need you.” I say just before loud pounding rolled through the phone and heard Alex yell fuck you. Wrestling noises filled my ear and once it stopped, I knew Alex wouldn't make it home.  

Hanging up the phone I call my mom to make sure she was home. My heart filled with pain as I quickly load up in my truck and head toward their house. Thankfully my parents house is two miles down the road with only one in-between ours. Heading down the road, I see our neighbor packing up their vehicles. This is not the time to venture on and look for something safer. Wanting to stop and talk them out of leaving but I choose not to. If it is there choice to leave then so be it.   

Pulling up to my parent’s house, I notice my mom sitting on her swing right in front of the house. Feeling the tears streaming harder than before, my heart starts racing realizing Alex would not come home. In that moment, I ran out of my truck and didn't stop until I was in my moms arms. Not being able to stop sobbing, I letting her know what happened with Alex. She pushes me in the house with caution while looking around her yard and we head to the kitchen where my dad is. Sitting there in silence, we sip on coffee trying to come up with a plan on what we should do.  

“Now, let's try not to panic and we need to remember why we live out here. We are survivors and we live off our land. I know we will miss Alex very much but he told you to survive and that's what you will do. Now I think it's best for you to come stay here with your mom and I. We are safer if we stick together.” My dad is the strongest man I have ever met but there is one thing I will do and that is give up my home. He may have a plan for every life scenario but I will refuse to leave my hard work behind.  

“I agree dad but you have the cattle and I farm the produce. I have everything set and planted. Its way too late to re plant for the season. I can stay at my house.” I try to reassure him but this look he is giving me is saying otherwise.  

“No, we have been trying to get a hold of your sister and I need you here with us. I need to know your safe!” He yelled throwing down his fist causing the table to shake. Looking into his eyes, I know how serious he is but we need to think long term in our survival. We sat in silence not wanting to come to an agreement.  

“Look dear, Sussie is right. Her crop will go to waste if she comes here and she is still only two minutes down the road. How about you give her one of those old CB radios you have and we will keep the other one. We also have a spare generator she can have in case the power goes out. But Once the season is over, you are right back at our house.” My dad and I still didn't want to agree but neither of us wanted to fight with mom. Being as stubborn as my father, I decided to agree with my mom to give myself some time to come up with a better plan.

“Now, anything happens. Don't worry about the truck. You run through the woods like your ass is on fire and you get home to me. Beasts or no beasts, they don't know these woods like you. Promise me.” My dad said grabbing me in a tight hug. I nodded crying on his shoulders, feeling like this was the last time I would ever see my dad. Growing up he was strict on us girls but he raised us to not rely on no man. We learned to hunt, cook, and care for a house hold. My sister went more for the city business way of life, but me, I was born in the woods and I will die in the woods.  

After loading up my truck, we said our goodbyes. I watched my dad wave as he stood in the driveway with worry clearly written on his face. Feeling bad about having him worry about me also, I continued and headed back home.

Pulling in my driveway, everything looked the same and nothing was touched which is what I liked. Parking the truck in the attached garage, I unloaded the generator and took the CB radio in the house. Getting it hooked up, I received a text from mom telling me what channel to set it to. We did a test over to make sure it worked and I turned the TV back on since needed an update. I needed to know what the world was like outside of my own serenity  

“We are reporting form the basement of the news station where we have word that the magical meteorite mist in fact let loose mythical creatures. You heard that right folks, we now have Were wolves, vampires, and other mythical creatures walking among us tearing apart our towns. There have been sightings of towns folk working together to get rid of the monsters but none have been successful. Please stay in your home and lock all doors and windows. Do not approach these beast! They are deadly and have no will to make peace! You are advised to turn all lights off at night to view no one is home and stay hidden. We will pray with each and every one of you in this time of need and will be staying live for as long as possible. May god be with you.”

Looking at all the photos they posted of the creatures was horrifying. A video started playing showing a line of people fully armed with guns walking down a main road. Within seconds, they were torn to shreds and left in pieces along the road. All the innocent people murdered and all I could think about was my sister and nephews.  

Please, if there is a lord, let them make it home safe. I sent a text to my sister. 'I know your phone might be on silent, but if you get this. Please make it home safe with your boys. They are saying vampires and Were wolves are among us so if you travel, do it during the day and trust no one! I love you and the boys!'

Tears fall down my face, hoping and praying they will be safe. Sitting on the floor in my living room, I wrap my arms around my knees rocking slowly as my eyes are glued to the horrific photos and videos they are showing. This must be it. This must be the end of the world and I will in fact die alone. Putting the TV on mute, I sat in silence waiting for them to come. Waiting for the monsters to break down my front door and kill me like the others. I sit and wait for my life to be over. As I sit, constantly crying, I move to lay on the floor slowly and shut my eyes as I wait for the pain. 

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