Chapter Four


“Sussie, are you there? Can you hear me alright?” 

Stirring on the floor, I slowly wake up hearing my dad's voice. Looking around, the house is empty and another beep came from the CB. Lifting my achy body off of the floor, I walk over and speak into the radio.  

“Yea dad, I'm ok. I just fell asleep. You and mom ok?”  

“Yea, we are fine. The news cut off and Don stopped by saying there is a town meeting for those who stayed.”  

“Ok, let me get ready and I'll pick you and mom up.” Dad agreed.  

Walking to my room as I look at all the photos handing on my wall, tears filled my eyes seeing a happy Alex in all of them. I can't believe how much it hurts losing my husband. Gliding around the room, looking at the photos and remembering the memories we shared, I will never heal from this. Whatever those things are, I will make sure they die the moment they step on my land. I grab my clothes in a hurry and head for the bathroom to shower and have a fresh start.


After showering, I comb through my hair and put it in a pony tail while looking out the window. Watching the trees sway with the wind looking so peaceful but it seems too quiet right now and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Maybe the monsters are out there and watching me or maybe I'm losing my mind.  

Trying to shake the feeling, I decide to wear some shorts and a tank top. Simple yet perfect for the weather today. As I gather my keys and some coffee, looking at the counter I decide to bring my gun. I will be with a large group of folks but having those videos burned into my head has made me extra cautious. Opening the garage door, I look around the front with caution and notice nothing is out of place or changed. Maybe they won't come out to the sticks and just stay in big cities. Feeling a jolt of energy run though my veins; I need to take advantage of the monsters not being here and gather more supplies.  

Hoping in the truck, I pull out of the garage and close the door as I make my way to the road. We will see what Don has planned, but after that, I will make my own supply run and start sealing up the house.  

Pulling up to mom and dad's house, they are on the porch swing waiting. “Let's go! I got shit to do today you old farts!” They both threw their heads back as laughs filled the air.  

“There's my girl. You had me worried that I might have lost you yesterday. I know times are tough but you are one strong woman and can overcome the hardest of obstacles.” Smiling at my dad, I lean towards the back and kiss him on the cheek. If anyone was able to help me out of this, it would be him.  

Dad said we would be heading to City hall which is in the same direction as the local store I went to yesterday. Heading that way, we look around and notice most residence have left. Their vehicles are gone leaving a trail of items from their open front doors to where their vehicles use to be. Shivers start running down my spins thinking about the what if's.  

What if they didn't make it or what if they got attacked on the road. As tears well in my eyes as pull into the parking lot for city hall. Shaking the thought, I take a deep breath and calm myself making myself look stronger than what I really am. 

“Are we early? There are only ten vehicles here?” Looking at my dad as worry seeps through his eyes. Shaking his head slowly, we exit the truck and look towards the road. No noise is traveling in the distance. After a few more moments, we decide to head inside to see if there was any news on the rest of our town.

Walking in the door we stride down the hall and enter two large double doors being held open with folding chairs. Looking around, we see about only fifteen residents standing around the podium where Don is standing. I walk in with a small smile on my face hoping we will make the best of this. “Hey Don, how's it going?” I say reaching out to shake his hand. “Were hanging in there Susan, how are you? And where is Alex? I was sure we would have had more residents joining us today?” Feeling the tears push to the surface, my dad leans over to whisper in Dons ear and his eyes became large. Backing from my father, Don gathers me in a hug and squeezes tight. "Alex was a good man. I am so sorry Susan." Don released me from his grasp as walked in front of the podium. 



“Thank you all for joining me this evening, I understand it has been quite difficult for everyone to leave their homes due to the things that have invaded our planet but I believe we need to have a plan.” Gathering all eyes and ears, he releases a small smile trying to ease all the worry. “With that being said, I think we all need to gather what supplies we can and make ours homes safe. We are all separated by streets and woods so I think we all should move to homes closer to one another.” After that statement, everyone started talking loudly and saying there is no way they were leaving their homes. I agree. There is no way I will be leaving my home due to my crops and it was the one thing that can help our survival.  

“Don, what everyone means is that we appreciate your concern, but I don't think we are willing to leave the place's we have built for our families just to move closer to one another. Everyone who wanted to run, left. Which leaves us and we are survivors. We can keep in contact by phone until the power goes off or if everyone can gather fuel for generators to run CB radios.” Nodding his head as I spoke. I look around to all the surviving southern folk and smiled. “We are strong! We are resourceful and know these woods better than any other. I don't know what those monsters are or the strength they have but I will not give up my home!” 

Raising my arm in a fist as our voices roared throughout the building. As everyone calmed from cheering, I grab a pen and paper from Don. “Now everyone, we need to list our names and numbers so we all can be in contact. We will go back to the trading days and live the way our ancestors did.” Shortly after, one by one, each person walked over with smiles plastered on their faces and wrote down their information. The power behind our group is amazing and I know we are strong enough to get through the toughest of times. Feeling better about the situation, I say my farewells and head towards the door with my parents.  

“Sorry y'all, I need to gather supplies and its already the middle of the day.” With that, everyone started to head out with the same thing in mind. Gather supplies and keep their homestead safe.   

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