Chapter Five

After dropping my parents off, I stopped at the home in between ours to see what I could gather. I noticed them leaving yesterday so I knew their home would be vacant. Pulling up, the home looked untouched which is great for me.  

Getting out of my truck, I make sure I have my gun ready and grab my backpack for any small items. Looking around the yard, not a person in sight. Feeling good about the silence, I make my way towards the back of the driveway where the barn is located. Walking to the barn, I reach for my flashlight and as I'm about to reach for the door, a sound stirs from inside. Grabbing my gun and pointing it towards the door, I take a step back and continue to listen. Seconds later, silence fills my ears and I move back towards the barn with caution.  

Slowly sliding the door, I peek in and see nothing but darkness. Opening it more to let the light in, I shine my flashlight inside and start looking around before stepping in. With there being no movement and nothing out of the normal, I start to slowly step in. More of the darkness covers by body as I have my eyes set on some wood planks. I've never been so happy to see supplies in my life.  

My neighbors were going to add an addition on their home come fall so thankfully they stocked up. Placing my gun back in the holster, I walk toward the wood in the far back corner when I suddenly was thrown across the barn. Letting out a scream as my body felt weightless flying backwards, not being able to see what moved me with suck force. Bracing for impact, I hit the side of the barn with a loud thump and hit my head against a shelf along the wall.  

“Now you are a pretty sight...” Those words sent fear deep into my bones. I grabbed my head as I started to stand while try to get ahold of my gun.  

“Now I don't think you will find that thing very useful my dear...” The chilling voice said in my ear as he clenched down on my arm, throwing me again like a rag doll. What the fuck is this thing and how did he make it towards me so fast. Feeling my head throb and my leg sore after landing wrong, I push myself up and rush towards the door. Seeing the big bay doors open, I race towards the light as fast as I could run. I know if I can make it out of this barn, I will be able to run to the truck or the house. Feeling relief washed over me as I start reaching for the door, but that feeling was gone the moment his hand wrapped around my ankle. Taking a deep breath, my body flew and as I braced for impact, an evil laugh roared though the barn. Landing with a thump, I scream as pain throbs throughout my leg.   

“Fuck!” Looking down I saw a metal bar went through the side of my thigh.  

“Oh my, you smell as sweet as summer my dear. As much fun as you are, I'm hungry!” Watching him walk up to me, all I can see is blood red eyes with silver hair and fangs. Yep, this is my first vampire.  

Adrenaline building in me and I start feeling the fight or flight buildup inside me. Placing my hand along the ground I search for anything that could help. Feeling cold run along my fingertips, I grasp my hand around the item, lifting it along my side so he cannot see. 

Picking up his pace like I am his target and showing those nasty fangs he began to charge. The moment he goes to grab me is the same moment I raise the metal bar and shove it in his chest. His piercing scream echo's through the barn as he backs away from me grabbing on to the metal pole; his whole body starts to shake just before turning into dust.  

Taking a breath I didn't know I was holding; I lay my head back feeling relieved.  

“Nice, looks like you can handle yourself pretty well.” A deep, rustic voice came from the front of the barn. Looking up in a panic, I see a man with dark brown hair in blue jeans and a tight black t-shirt. His muscles were piercing through the shirt as his arms are crossed over his chest as he leaned on the door. He can be in the sun so he can't be a vampire.  

“I did ok. You were there this whole time and didn't think about helping?” My attitude seeped out of my mouth making sure this man knows I'm not in the mood for games. Reaching at my thigh, I slowly sit up on my knees to get a better grip of the bar.  

“You looked like you had things covered. Plus, I'm not a fan of those blood suckers. Better leave it to a professional, right?” Raising his eye brow. What an asshole.  

Taking a deep breath, I grab the bar with both hands and pull it out in one swift motion as I let out a scream. “Fuck!" Feeling the pain multiply as blood pours down my thigh. "So, you thought letting that thing eat me would save you?”  

“No, if it got worse, I might have helped. What were you doing in here anyways?” He asked.  

“I don't think I know you? Who are you and why are you in my woods?” I might hate this man. Slowly standing, I unbuckle my belt that is threaded in my shorts and started wrapping my leg to stop the bleeding. Grabbing hold of a ledge on the side of the barn, I limp towards the front keeping eye contact with our unwanted guest.

“My name is Luke and I ran from the city. Saw that this house was vacant so I made myself at home.” Smiling like he is glad to be my new neighbor. If he knows best, Luke will leave before I make him leave. Shaking my head, I slowly limp out the door as I walk past him.  

“We don't take kindly to outsiders; this home is mine now.” I say with an intimidating tone. Luke reached for me and I smacked his hand away.  

“Don't touch me, I can manage. Now I suggest you to leave and not take anything that is on this property.”  

Stagger past him and head for my truck. “I will stay if I please miss. You can have what you want, but I need shelter.” His tone was nothing but demanding. Feeling the anger rise in me, I turn in a fast motion and I notice he is standing right behind me. Looking up into his eyes, they look like opals and specks of black are dancing around. I have never seen eyes look like that.  

“What are you?” Placing my hand on my gun while I wait for an answer. A smile crept upon his face. “Human. My question is, what are you? No woman on this planet can take that kind of beating and walk away from it.” Looking me head to toe. This man is making me feel really uncomfortable and I don't like it. Brushing his comment off, I opening my truck door and climb in.

“I'm a survivor. I'm not weak. If you know what's best for you, you will stay away from me. I will be back tomorrow for that wood in the barn and then look through the house.” Slamming the door, Luke's smile never left his face. That man is the most beautiful yet terrifying man I have ever met.

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