Chapter Six

Pulling up to my home, the full force of pain radiates throughout my whole body. Taking deep breaths, I limp into the house while closing and locking the door. As I head for the bathroom, I glance at the floor as blood spills down my legs leaving a trail. walking in, I go to sit on the toilet next to the counter. Inhaling a breath of relief, I open the drawer and pull out my emergency kit along with the peroxide. Removing the belt from my thigh, I observe the damage as more liquid drains out of the gash.  

Unfortunately, I do not have a needle and thread, only an at home staple kit. “This shit is going to hurt...” I say to myself bracing for the pain. Pouring the peroxide over the gash, I wince as the burn spread along with the peroxide. As I pat dry, I hope the wound heals soon so there is no more blood loss; I don't know how much more by body will take. Grabbing a staple in one hand, the other is squeezing the wound to keep it closed. With shaky hands, I push the staple on each side of the gash and push hard. As a tear escaped my eye, I continue the torment until the wound stayed closed. Another round of peroxide over the wound after it being sealed and then I placed ointment on top before wrapping my leg tightly. For these staples to work, I need to take it easy for the next few days for my leg to heal.  

Shaking my head, I hear the beep for the CB radio go off. Keeping pressure off my leg, I hop towards the living room trying to avoid landing on my face. “Yea” I say as I slowly sit down on the chair.  

“Hey Sussie, you find anything good?” I paused as I hear my dad's voice. Should I tell him what happened or should I lie? I know if I tell him the truth, he will force me to move back in but if I lie, I might get away with it.  

“Yea, the pace next to us has a ton of wood for the windows. I um, got spooked by a cat and slipped though.” My nerves start getting the best of me since lying to my dad is non existent in my family.  

“You ok? Did you get hurt?” Worry in his voice makes the guilt seep inside me. “Yea dad, I'm fine. A metal pipe went through my leg but I fixed myself up. I'm going to give myself a couple days to heal and then I will be right back at it.” Trying to sound as happy as possible so the lie sounds more like the truth.  

“Alright, well if you need anything, call us. I will swing by and check on you tomorrow.” Thanking my dad, I end the call. I have never lied to my dad but there is no way I will be living with my parents. Grabbing my phone on the table, I have no missed texts or calls. I hope Jane will make it here ok. She has been the only thing that has been on my mind other than Alex. 

Feeling not well, I hobble to the kitchen to make a sandwich and grab two waters. Right now, keeping up my strength and healing is my main priority. As I walk back in the living room, I place my items on the end table and look around my quiet house.

Alex and I were movie buffs. Buying a new movie each week gave us a large collection. Heading toward the bookcase full, I pick a series we watched every year, The tenth kingdom. I never knew why we loved it so much, but the mini-series is a keeper. Placing the first disk in, I walk to sit in my chair placing a blanket over myself.

Well, looks like this might be my life now. Sitting in my living room watching movies and eating dinner alone. Tears form my eyes while I finish my food and drink down both waters. Leaning back in the chair and I try to enjoy my show in ere silence. 




Not realizing I fell asleep; I wake up listening to loud banging outside. Sitting up slowly as I try not to put pressure on my leg. I slowly move the curtain to the side to sneak a peek. Seeing my dad, I let out a sigh but then I realize he is not alone. I notice Luke standing with my dad talking and lowering wood on my driveway. “What the fuck does he think he is doing?” I whisper to myself. Heading to the bed room, I slowly get dressed and brush my teeth. As I start putting my hair in a messy bun, a knock appeared at my front door. My starts racing as anger fills me from my first visit with Luke. I swear if anything happens to my dad, I will bring hell upon his head. 


Walking to the door reaching for the handle, I take a deep breath and put on a smile. Opening the door, Luke is standing in my door way. “Good morning.” He says with a grin on his face, looking past him, I see my dad piling more wood not looking towards me.  

“Do you not remember our conversation we had yesterday?” Removing my grin, I start seeping all the anger I have towards this man.  

“Well, Mr. Steve here was gathering the wood from the barn and I felt bad with him doing it himself so I offered my assistance.” Saying rather proud of himself. Shaking my head, I start walking past him as he grabs my arm.  

“You should rest. Your dad and I can manage.” Shrugging him off, I continue walking past to see my dad. Dropping the wood in a rush and runs toward me. “Sweetheart, you need to stay inside and rest. You have no idea what kind of monsters are out here!” Saying in his dad voice. Yea, that dad voice that makes you do what he says while your dignity goes out the window.  

Kissing him on the cheek, he helps guide me in the house as Luke follows him inside. Sitting on the couch, my dad walks over to the bathroom.  

“I did not say you could come inside my home.” I say sternly to Luke as he crosses his arms.  

“I thought there was a southern hospitality thing you should have toward new folks in the area?” Spitting back with sarcasm and a smile. I have no idea why this man gets under my skin but his attitude rubs me the wrong way. 

“Of course we do! Don't let Susan let you think otherwise. This whole ordeal has made all of us a little stand off-ish towards anyone really.” My dad is not looking at me with a raised eyebrow; he doesn't need to say it but I know he is telling me to be nice. 

“Every human is needed these days, now let me look at your leg.” Nodding because I knew he was right. Right about checking my leg and that each human is needed these days. Slowly, I remove the tape holding the bandage down as he carefully lifted and smiled.

“That's my girl, look how nice it is healing. Not very red and the bleeding has even stopped. Ill clean it and bandage you back up, ok sweetheart?” My dad has taught me everything I know, so knowing I did good made me feel proud of myself.  

“Wow, staples. Where did you learn to treat such wounds?” Luke says with an impressed look on his face. “Well, I was in the service and the things I had to do over sea's was brought back here for my family to learn and grow. In emergency situations I needed my girls to take care of themselves if no one was able to. Looks like I did good because this is doctor's work right here.” Dad said with a twinkle in his eye. The things my dad had to do were things most men couldn't imagine. He never spoke about much but the things Jane and I were taught and learned from him would only question the things he went through. 

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