Chapter Eight

With my grip being so tight, my gun started to shake as I try to make out the largely built shape in front of me. Only hearing a deep, course breath, I start walking back. Rubbing my eyes with my free hand as I aim with the other. Starting to see clearly, Luke's face starts coming into my view.  

“Can you stop pointing a gun at me?” He painfully says while shifting towards the island, placing a hand on the side to help him stand. Lowering the gun, I notice he is in fact shirtless, but also bleeding all over the floor.  

“Are you ok Luke? You look pretty fucked up.” Placing my gun down, I walk into the kitchen and grab a towel. Making it back to him, I place the towel lightly on the marks running along the front of his torso.  

“Yea, I'm alright. Just looking for a doctor.” His face showed an amused look and I couldn't help but smile. Looking to make sure the door was closed and then I guided Luke

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