Chapter Nine

Luke's POV- 

I have no idea why she is so damn stubborn or why she can't trust me. Susan is the ideal mate but the way her and her dad have talked about such hate towards my kind, there is no way I can tell her what I am. Not now anyways.  

What is the best way to explain to her what happened? The events that happened at the meteor are quite foggy still. What I do know is most of the creatures that were made are complete monsters. I don't blame them completely for hating them but after I was turned, I chose to run, not kill.  

The moment the mist swarmed over the thousands of people in the area, me being one, all I heard was yelling. The piercing screams along with bones breaking was terrifying. I was standing in a crowd of people one minute and the next, my body was throbbing from pain. My bones were shifting and cracking with each move I made.

I started running as fast as my legs could take me until I collapsed to t

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