Chapter Ten

Susan's POV- 

Who the hell does he think he is? Getting mad at me for protecting myself and my family? Alex told me not to trust strangers and I won't. After finishing my breakfast and washing the dishes, I started to get ready for my day. My leg is still sore but thankfully a full two days of healing, the bleeding fully stopped and I can move it a lot more.  

Walking out the front door, I gasp at all the damage they have done to my house. The gutters and siding were completely torn from my home, along with having to replace all my windows. Tears well in my eyes walking around my home, the home I worked so hard for. Shaking the anger, I open my garage and began the clean-up. Lifting the pieces thrown all over my yard I notice dust covered the grass in certain places. There had to of been twenty blood suckers with how much dust covered my yard.  

As I finish picking up the debris in my yard, a noise was coming from the road. Squealing and

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