Chapter Eleven

As I try to open my eyes, they feel swollen. I look to my side and notice Luke still holding me as he sleeps sitting upwards on the couch. Trying not to make sudden movements, I look towards the windows and it's night time. How long was I asleep? Then suddenly, flashbacks hit me like a brick wall of what happened before I fell asleep. Feeling arms tightening around me I break down again. Placing his hand on my head, Luke brings me closer to rest on his shoulder. 

"Are you alright?"  

"No, where is my sister?" Hopefully my father didn't move her himself. I feel horrible about breaking down but the shock took over my whole body and I swore she was still alive. I kept working and the blood kept coming out the wounds. I worked as hard as I could knowing she would live.  

"After you fell asleep, I laid you down and helped your father bring her to their house. They want to have a ceremony today for her if you're up for it." Feeling speechless,

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