Chapter Thirteen

My leg feels almost normal now. I still won't take the staples out for a couple weeks but at least it is scabbed and the wound doesn't bleed when I walk.  

Heading outside, I decided it's time to start boarding up the house and fixing the damage those vampires did the other night. Grabbing my tools, I head to the front of the house and start boarding the windows and repairing the siding. It's the beginning of summer so the weather is warm and I feel sweat dripping down my face and back. Wiping my sweat away, I go to grab my water sitting on my truck and take a sip. Placing it back down I hear movement in the woods. Looking in the direction, I see nothing. Slowly reaching for my hammer and walking to the wrestling of bushes.  

I'm not too afraid because vampires can only come out at night and I have yet seen a wolf in this neck of the woods. Maybe it is just an animal that is injured or possibly a person?  Walking closer, laughter fills the

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