Chapter Fifteen

"Ma! Put the belt down and back away slowly." Yelling towards my mom as I point my finger, trying to make light of the situation. My mom really did look like she was about to lose a fuse. "Susan, you make those boys eat their greens, you hear me?" Stomping her foot as she stormed back in the house. "Yea yea yea. Now look boys, when we get in that house you will head for the kitchen and scarf down all those greens. You hear me?" "Yes auntie." They both said as they headed for the door with their heads hanging. Feeling Luke's hand on my shoulder I turn my head and look up to him. 

"What?" Giving him a questionable stair as his smile only grew more. "Shame on you for siding with your mom." Shaking his head, he started walking towards the door without me. "Now you listen, if you get greens on your plate you better eat them." Luke stopped and turned towards me, slowly walking with an intimidating glare. "Or what? You'll get me with a belt?" Raising his eyebrow and then smacki

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