Chapter Seventeen

Backing away from his embrace, "No! I will not! I am fully capable of taking care of myself and this is where I want to be. I need to be here and help the town as much as I can! If it is by growing produce for the families in need then so be it!" Feeling my heart racing and my face turning red with anger, I just need him to understand.  

"There is no one else Susan." My father whispered. Shaking my head as I start pacing back and forth trying to process the words that just left his mouth. "That's not possible! We just saw the ten or so families that stayed behind. We all talked at town hall, there..." 

"Susan! Your mother made calls this morning checking if anyone needed anything and there was no answer. I drove by all the houses and everyone is gone. There all fucking gone!"  

What are we going to do? What happened with our town? As I began thinking of scenarios of where everyone could have gone, I heard the bushes move. Turning my head

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